Rassembleurs d'énergies France
ENGIE Rassembleurs d'Energies

Investment in La Foncière Le Chênelet

It was in 2012 that ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Énergies invested in La Foncière Le Chênelet, a French simplified joint-stock company (SAS) formed in 2009 and capitalized at €3.6 million. Backed by 10 years of Le Chênelet experience in building social eco-housing, La Foncière Chênelet offers appropriate responses to a major social challenge: making effective levels of home environmental performance available to everyone through social housing projects and social amenity facilities. Its work is underpinned by construction processes that incorporate social and employment inclusion initiatives. December 2013 saw the rollout of its PIONEER program, which involved more than 30 high-potential ENGIE Group employees in working alongside the Le Chênelet teams on company strategy development issues.

Investment in La Foncière Habitat et Humanisme

Habitat et Humanisme has been working since 1985 to combat substandard housing and promote social and job inclusion for people in challenging circumstances. La Foncière Habitat et Humanisme buys and refurbishes vacant homes with a permanent commitment to improving energy efficiency. With a network of 53 organizations covering 65 French departments, Habitat et Humanisme operates at community level to promote solutions appropriate to local conditions.

Investment in Les Toits de l’Espoir

The agreement between ENGIE Rassembleurs d’Énergies and Les Toits de l’Espoir (a SCOP cooperative enterprise in which the employees hold the majority of the company's share capital) was signed on January 30, 2014. Les Toits de l’Espoir is a Société Coopérative et Participative or SCOP (a cooperative enterprise in which the employees hold the majority of the company’s share capital) formed in 1996. It refurbishes vacant homes to provide decent housing for some of the most challenged families in society. Its efforts focus on improving home thermal insulation performance and supporting tenants in controlling their energy consumption. This SCOP has already refurbished more than 2,000 old and/or unsanitary homes.

Donation to Maisons de Qualité

In 2012, the ENGIE Corporate Foundation and the social housing organization Maisons de Qualité (which runs initiatives to raise awareness of the challenges involved in controlling energy consumption and improving domestic energy efficiency) together created the Maison individuelle, Énergies de l’habiter (Family home – Energy for living) contest. This contest invites students to submit ideas for inventing a solution that would provide home energy upgrades for those living in energy poverty in France. Its judging panel is made up of experts, leading architects and home designers, building renovation professionals, representatives of social landlords and ENGIE. Three of the seventeen teams submitting projects for the 2013 contest were successful in attracting financial support to put their architectural projects into action.