The Good Day
The Good Journey

Through an exhibition area gathering over 40 innovative projects from all over the world and about 15 pitches and roundtables bringing together today and tomorrow’s doers, explore the most advanced solutions which are already replicable to drive this transition, notably the HARMONY PROJECTS, the projects developed by ENGIE which combine positive economic, social and environmental impacts. And collectively, let’s share and help grow these solutions to go faster and further towards a zero carbon world.

In the Good Journey section, start your voyage today through these different experiences towards a zero carbon world, some of the solutions to be discovered and experienced on Thursday 20 June.

Embark on a zero emission world tour aboard ENERGY OBSERVER, the first hydrogen ship powered by renewable energy and by the hydrogen it produces on board from sea water.

Discover how, thanks to the LIVIN solution, traffic in the city of Niteroi in Brazil is optimised in real time.

Manage your renewable energy production plan in real time thanks the digital platform DARWIN.

Follow the adventures of energy solutions which have already allowed isolated territories and their population to access energy in South America with SAN MARTIN OFF GRID in Peru, or in Tanzania, with POWER CORNER ;

Access the house of the future today with UP, the first all-inclusive offer which provides total control over the energy consumption of a household.

Meet the team at AEROMAPPER who develops control drones, capable of mapping hard-to-access zones or areas which have not yet been reached.

Get a sneak preview of EVBOX, the first charging terminal for vehicles in 15 minutes!

Navigate at the heart of Lyon’s Incity and optimise the energy performance of buildings with BIM Exploitation, a highly innovative Building Information Modeling.