ENGIE creates ENGIE Solutions to speed up the roll-out of its strategy in France

By ENGIE - 24 January 2020 - 14:40

ENGIE Solutions assists cities, industries and companies in the tertiary sector in their zero-carbon transition. By offering bespoke and turnkey solutions, ENGIE Solutions' 50,000 employees apply all their expertise in pursuit of three aims: optimising the use of energy and resources by consuming less, greening energies and reinventing living and working environments.


To keep pace with an ever-changing world and meet the requirements of clients increasingly in search of bespoke support, ENGIE announced a strategic zero-carbon repositioning to clarify its offer, develop a more client-focused approach which is easier-to-understand.


As of 1 January 2020, ENGIE Solutions brings together under a single brand the Group's B2B service activities in France. (previously ENGIE Réseaux, ENGIE Cofely, ENGIE Ineo, ENGIE Axima and ENDEL). spread over three business units. These three business units will be managed by ENGIE’s Executive Vice President, Wilfrid Petrie, and will be named Cities & Communities, Industries and Services & Proximity.


ENGIE Solutions will speed up ENGIE's global strategy to support its clients in their zero-carbon transition, offering them an overview and bespoke, turnkey solutions. With a turnover of approximately €10 billion, ENGIE Solutions is driven by strong growth, in line with ENGIE's global targets.


ENGIE Solutions operates in more than 900 locations across France and boasts a pallet of solutions that is unique on the market. Its wide and highly complementary expertise covers many different areas: HVAC engineering / industrial / electrical / energy / mechanical / heating and cooling networks. Its teams operate along the entire value chain, in design, financing, installation, operation and maintenance.


Isabelle Kocher, ENGIE CEO said:


“Companies and local authorities all over the world are now attaching strategic importance to issues to do with energy and their carbon footprint. ENGIE Solutions meets these new requirements with a pallet of expertise that is unique on the market and an organisational structure focused on clients' needs. ENGIE Solutions will help us speed up the Group's growth in France”.


Wilfrid Petrie, ENGIE’s Executive Vice President in charge of ENGIE Solutions said:


“ENGIE Solutions is proof that our Group is still a visionary with an avant-garde approach. What we are offering today is completely new on the market: a one-stop solution covering multiple areas of expertise, the combination of all our skills (we are a leader in heating and cooling networks, the cold chain, electrifying public transport networks, video protection, etc.) and turnkey solutions, with a commitment to achieving results. Optimizing energies and resources, greening energies and reinventing living and working environments will be the key to enabling our customers to make a successful zero-carbon transition".


ENGIE Solutions is structured into three business units under the responsibility of Wilfrid Petrie, ENGIE’s Executive Vice President:


Yann Rolland

Yann Rolland has been appointed Managing Director of ENGIE Solutions' Cities & Communities business unit. His aim is to bolster the appeal of the Group’s clients, supporting them with their positive ecological transition by creating new programmes for developing    public spaces and by implementing smart, efficient and sustainable urban services.

pierre hardouin

Pierre Hardouin has been appointed Managing Director of ENGIE Solutions' Industries business unit. His aim is to improve the performance of the Group’s clients, reduce their environmental impact and increase their competitive advantage by rethinking their resource management and production processes.

Pierre Hardouin had previously served as Managing Director of Axima in the Group (appointed in November 2018). Prior to that, he had spent more than 25 years with OTIS.

Olivier Jacquier

Olivier Jacquier has been appointed Managing Director of ENGIE Solutions' Services & Proximity business unit. His aim is to support stakeholders in the housing and tertiary sectors to improve comfort for building users, by creating and optimising smart, sustainable and carbon-free homes and workplaces. This business unit also meets the proximity service requirements of numerous ENGIE Solutions clients. Olivier Jacquier was previously CEO of ENGIE Italy & Greece and had been a member of the Executive Committee of the ENGIE Europe Business Unit (Necst) since October 2015. Having begun his career in business banking, he joined ENGIE 20 years ago and has occupied a number of operational and functional roles in energy and the environment.