Solutions COP21 - Prêts bonifiés
Subsidized loans

Context and challenges

Upgrading the energy performance of your home means making it more energy efficient and saving energy as a result. In 2006, Banque Solfea introduced loans designed to provide consumers with the funding required to carry out the energy, eco-efficiency and home comfort improvements they would like to make to their homes.

The solution

As a specialist in the design and packaging of funding for specific home improvement projects tailored to all types of upgrading work, Banque Solfea offers homeowners, tenants and landlords subsidized loans at highly competitive, subsidized rates: with these loans, part of the interest is paid by Banque Solfea's partner energy providers and/or manufacturers. These loans are therefore offered at extremely low rates - some at or around 0%, and a financial calculator developed by the bank is available to identify the solution best suited to a specific project and budget.

In addition to subsidizing the loan interest, the scheme partners play an essential role in delivering the package to consumers through their professional installer networks. The majority of these loans are offered to customers via partner companies. Qualification and certification bodies, such as Banque Solfea partners QUALIBAT and QUALIT’EnR, are also stakeholders in ensuring the eligibility of these offers for energy-saving certification schemes and providing consumers with a guarantee of high-quality work.


Consistent with the goals of energy management, this solution encourages the installation of innovative, eco-efficient systems in homes. The result is a level of energy performance that delivers a 30-40% reduction in annual household energy bills, depending on the equipment installed.

Key figures

  • Cutting your annual energy bills by between 30% and 40% by installing more efficient systems.