ELENA Piscines
Making significant electricity and heating input gains in covered water parks

Context and challenges

As the trend for constructing increasingly energy-hungry buildings continues, solutions to reduce consumption and boost energy efficiency are essential for optimizing energy consumption. In covered pools requiring air treatment – water parks, swimming pools and therapy centers – careful balancing of air health quality, user comfort, energy consumption and the risk of condensation is a complex challenge.

The solution

The ELENA Piscines solution developed by Cylergie, the Cofely Services research center, is based on the principle of delivering precisely the right quantity of new air at precisely the right time. It enables optimum regulation of ventilation systems in response to the needs of the space concerned on the basis of real-time analysis.

This real-time modulated ventilation solution guarantees the best compromise between:

  • Pool air quality: eliminating chloramines by bringing in new air
  • User comfort: optimum balance between ambient air temperature and humidity
  • Air processing energy consumption: reducing the power demand imposed by air blowing systems
  • Humidity control: controlling the risk of condensation using radio-frequency sensors installed throughout the building

The ELENA Piscines solution is easily adapted to different infrastructures, since it requires no change of air treatment plant. It is built around a special control system that provides automated, efficient regulation of the air treatment plant. Internet access also enables fine-tuning of the ventilation system and the display of performance data.


Many covered water parks have already adopted this solution, including the swimming pool in Meyzieu, the Atrium Center in Dombasle and the Bron and Montbard water sports centers. All report optimized levels of user comfort and air quality. The actual gains made depend on the pre-existing operating conditions: the gain in electricity consumption ranges from 30% to 55%, and the heating efficiency gain from 5% to 20%.


Key figures

  • Gain in electricity consumption: 30-50%
  • Gain in heating system efficiency: 5-20%