Context and challenges

Datacenters consume extremely large amounts of energy, accounting for 1% of all power consumed in the world, and 5% of French national consumption. Datacenters also generate large amounts of waste heat, so they have to be permanently cooled at great expense in terms of energy bills.

The solution

The expertise of its subsidiary company Cofely made it possible for ENGIE to design R’Gaïa, a super-effective datacenter cooling solution.

R’Gaïa cuts datacenter cooling costs substantially thanks to:

  • Server confinement: by dividing server farms into cold aisles and hot aisles, confinement makes the heat transfer process more efficient, reducing the amount of energy required for ventilation by two-thirds and avoiding air being recycled between machines.
  • A free cooling system that brings in cool, dry air rather than cooling recycled air.


The R’Gaïa solution can reduce datacenter energy consumption by around 40%; a result certificated by the internationally recognized PUE (Power Usage and Effectiveness) indicator.


Key figures

  • Launch date: 2009
  • 5% of all electricity in France is consumed by datacenters
  • 1% of all electricity worldwide is consumed by datacenters
  • 40% is the amount of energy that can be saved by using R’Gaïa