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Our commitments



There are those who talk, and there are those who act. Employability of young people, integration, disability, diversity, etc. For us, these are not just words, they are actions. Our corporate purpose translates beliefs and words into action. At ENGIE, our commitments and our purpose are written in our statutes and guide us as we make all our decisions. You don’t need to look far to find concrete proof of our actions.

Young people and character




To take action every day and create tomorrow’s world, ENGIE relies on well-trained and experienced employees, as well as on the younger generations. 

At ENGIE, we have over 100 impactful professions in which young people can evolve and plan ahead to a meaningful career for the future.

With our strong commitment to youth employability, ENGIE has set a target of 10% of people on work/study contracts in our French workforce by 2021, and in our European workforce by 2030. Our aim is to recruit 100% of our Graduates and one out of every two people on a work/study contract, with a view to boosting our teams, particularly in technical professions.  

Courses and qualifications as a springboard 


We offer thousands of opportunities, in France and abroad, for students and graduates, from vocational qualifications to specialist Master’s degrees.


Under a work/study programme, internship, VIE, Graduate Programme or straight into a fixed-term contract, we welcome everyone who wants to put their skills to good use to make their everyday life meaningful.


Who wants their experience with us to be a springboard to help them discover themselves and build a fulfilling career.


Networks for everyone




At ENGIE, young people meet up and reflect together on tomorrow’s challenges, with a steadfastly modern approach that is focused on the future.


For example, the work/study network which helps young people integrate and build a business network. Or the Young Professional Network, created by young people for young people, which organises an annual event called "Creativ Lab" to offer strategic ideas to the Group and implement some of their proposals. 



Action for inclusion and disability




Our definition of inclusion is enabling everyone to fully participate in society. Through its close ties with social partners, ENGIE helps people who have been excluded from the workplace to find and maintain employment. Through Fondation Agir Pour l’Emploi, ENGIE calls on the solidarity of Group companies and their current and former employees to help job seekers and all those who are trying to overcome hardship.


Being more inclusive by promoting occupational integration and professional development lies at the heart of our citizen-based approach. That is why our different programmes aim to simplify recruitment and training for young people who have been excluded from the workplace – because they are from disadvantaged neighbourhoods, rural areas, overseas, etc. – particularly though work/study contracts. We also offer these opportunities to people undergoing retraining, with our Passerelles Métiers (employment bridge) plan, which includes training and a work contract.



For almost 30 years, the Group has been taking action to support every different situation and every type of disability. With over 10 agreements signed at Group level, the company has also committed to including 6% of people with a disability in its workforce, both in its offices and on site, by 2021. 

ENGIE was awarded the French Diversity Label in 2012, and again in 2020, in recognition of all these actions. 



Activism to promote diversity




Today, the positive impact of gender equality in business is evident. And so, with the aim of becoming a reference for gender equality, the Group has spent over ten years developing increasingly ambitious diversity strategies.

Through our women’s networks (Women in Networking created in 2008) and policies on mentoring, parenthood, equal pay, the fight against sexism, etc., we organise talks with experts, workshops and training sessions to raise awareness of all forms of inequality. These actions target the Group’s male and female employees to ensure that everyone understands the benefits of diversity, and that nobody feels excluded. 

We have set a target for women to account for 30% of our workforce, and 50% of management, by 2030. And importantly, we publish our score on the gender equality index every year. 

We also promote these convictions beyond the boundaries of ENGIE Group. We share them with all our stakeholders and support them through community and cultural partnerships. We get involved early on, in primary and secondary schools, through our "J'apprends l'énergie" (I am learning about energy) project or in partnership with associations like Elles Bougent, Capital Filles and Science Factor, to show young girls that scientific or technical professions are not just for men, that they are fascinating, that they focus on key environmental, social and societal issues, and that they can be particularly fulfilling.