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Students and graduates


To take action every day and create tomorrow’s world, ENGIE relies on well-trained and experienced employees, as well as on the younger generations. Because it is young people who teach us to shake up our practices. They bring their own culture and knowledge of new customs, which are valuable tools with which to face the challenges of the energy transition.

If you want to be a game changer, we have many ways for you to get involved and help the Group grow: Internships, Work/study programmes, V.I.E, Graduate Programs, talent development initiatives, etc.



  • V.I.E
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Why not come and see what really goes on in the work place? 


At the age of fourteen, a “discovery work placement” will give you a glimpse of ENGIE’s culture and how it operates. But more than that, it is the opportunity to discover one of our 170 professions and see how they are already shaping tomorrow’s world. 


Later, a longer internship at ENGIE will help you confirm or adjust your career choices without losing time. By joining a Group with over 170,000 employees, you can observe and participate in the work of one or more teams. Every intern is supervised by a designated tutor responsible for supporting their development, offering concrete assignments in line with their skills and studies, and validating their degree.

Finally, by joining ENGIE you will have the opportunity to develop your professional network. And maybe even find your first job at the end of your internship. 

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The work/study programme is a firm and ambitious commitment for ENGIE. For you, it can be a real springboard to get your career started


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>> Discover our commitments regarding the hiring of trainees <<

By choosing a work/study programme with us, you will gain professional and educational work experience in an international Group with a solid reputation in low-carbon energy, and a valuable qualification that is recognised on the job market. 

By alternating work within a company and your studies, you can quickly put what you have learned into practice. And, of course, benefit from the advice and experience of your tutors and managers. And if your work is recognised and appreciated, there is every chance you will spend more time with us. Our aim is to recruit one in every two people at the end of their work/study contract. So, why not join our work/study programme?

Our partnerships with work/study training centres, schools and universities make it easy for candidates to apply. You could be one of more than 8,400 young people who take part in our work/study programmes every year, discovering the expertise and values of a group that leads the way in its sector. 


Our aim: 

  • 10% of people on work/study contracts in our French workforce by the end of 2023
  • 100% degrees attained
  • 1 in every 2 work/study contracts will result in a job at ENGIE

ENGIE offers one to three-year apprenticeship and professional training contracts in more than 100 of our job families, from engineering to sales and from technician to project manager. So, would you like to spend the next year or two with us and help in the transition to a carbon-neutral world? 



Learn a job with a promising future 

Technical jobs account for two-thirds of our recruitment needs.

And to become our workforce’s future experts and managers, we created our own Energy Transition Academy for four technical jobs with a promising future: heating engineers, HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning) engineers, refrigeration specialists, and renewable energy technicians.

We offer customised training that combines theory-based learning at one of our partner schools (high schools and training organisations) and professional experience at ENGIE, with a special team dedicated to your professional development and success. And maybe a job at the end. 

Our training courses are offered to apprentices and people undergoing retraining, aged between 16 and 30 years and with a qualification ranging from Bac professionnel (technical college baccalaureate) to BTS (French technician certificate). Run as work/study contracts, the courses are free of charge, paid and take place over two years within the Group. 

Find out more about our Energy Transition Academy.

Our work-study offers

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Graduate and traineeship Programs designed to provide a real boost to your career? 




If you have a higher education, a first experience and you are passionate about energy transition, there is certainly a graduate, a traineeship or a specific program that can suit you at ENGIE!

These selective, enriching and demanding programs will allow you to discover the ENGIE Group and show your potential

  • Act to accelerate the transition towards a neutral economy through reduced energy consumption and more environmentally friendly solutions
  • Benefit from value-added career paths, world-class training and development based on individual needs 
  • Evolve in a friendly, dynamic and diversified environment where you will be in contact with a community of alumni/ambassadors that will facilitate your integration, the creation of your network, and the sharing of best practices 



Find out more and take action!    

Our Graduate programs:

  • 100% Renewable Energy 
  • HIGH’5
  • LATAM Graduated program (link to be added/)

Our traineeship programs:

  • NTP J 
  • ENGIE BeLux Traineeship
  • Operational Leadership Scheme

Our specific programs:

  • Financial boarding (to be created TBD)
  • Innovation Squad (to be created TBD)

Graduate feedback




"I have always known I wanted a meaningful job. The ENR Graduate Program was a dream opportunity to get me started. It is a programme that makes me think differently and innovatively. I get out of my comfort zone and develop my capacity to multitask and be creative. I take part in diverse and complex assignments with real responsibilities. The trust ENGIE places in its Graduates is really motivating!"
Samiyah Hatteea, Efficiency task officer and ENR Graduate

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Would you like to work on international projects? 




It is not always easy to find a job abroad but, luckily, there is a three-letter solution: V.I.E, or Volunteer for International Experience.

V.I.E is designed for European graduates aged under 28 years. It offers 6 to 24-month assignments (renewable once), in one of the countries in which ENGIE operates. 

What will you choose to do? Work on a solar energy production plant in the middle of the Atacama Desert in Chile? Or help to develop innovative solutions for our customers in Singapore? The V.I.E. solution is open to a variety of jobs in our fields of activity: Business Engineers, Energy Transition Analysts, Project managers, Finance experts, Human Resources Officers, Buyers, etc.

All our international assignments are inspiring and will enable you to discover a new culture, develop on a personal level, and build on your skills. And on top of all that? A strictly regulated status, a contractual framework, a salary and benefits decided prior to departure. So, no nasty surprises when you get there! 

Are you ready for an adventure?

Our V.I.E offers