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Working at ENGIE


No time to get bored at ENGIE! Every day is a new dawn. Every career is shaped by the values, desires and needs of each individual, from their first interview to their leaving party and through all the key stages of their life. 


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Be active in your own progress


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Training lies at the heart of ENGIE’s ambition. Motivated by our desire to strive for progress, the Group is set on offering all employees training programmes that will enable them to grow, acquire new skills and learn the jobs of the future. 


With ENGIE University, professional schools, temporary campuses, and e-learning courses, there is something for everyone, whatever your age, your interests and your learning preferences. In 2020, 70% of ENGIE employees took at least one training course and by 2030, 100% of our employees will be trained every year. Consequently, a typical working day at ENGIE is inspiring and we aim to support you every step of the way.



Promotions and transparency regarding opportunities


When you work at ENGIE, you have the opportunity to discover new roles, to change jobs from time to time, and to grow, on both a professional and a personal level. We regularly organise company conferences, job fairs, and mobility events so our employees can discover all the opportunities that are open to them. Even more importantly, and because equal opportunities are in our DNA, all our offers of promotion and mobility can be seen by everyone. 



Progress in the company 


With operations throughout France and across all five continents, ENGIE is able to satisfy your wishes in terms of internal mobility, through either functional or geographic movement. This internal mobility is encouraged by our mobility unit and facilitated by special platforms, designed to help employees develop their knowledge of the Group and its business activities, think about their career plans, and turn them into reality. 


Alongside this, ENGIE has its own platform called SkillLib, which enables employees to apply for short or long-term internal assignments, offering opportunities to acquire new experiences, develop networks, and boost careers.



Change jobs


At ENGIE, we work hard to encourage and support all those who want to make a career change. This is the role of the mobility unit and our “Passerelles Métiers” plan, which help several hundred employees a year give new impetus to their careers. Passerelles Métiers provides the opportunity to combine a work contract with a several-month-long training programme. This option to alternate theory and practice is a sure-fire way to gain sound expertise quickly.

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At ENGIE, following the beaten track is not an option. By helping you build your career plan, we make sure you hold all the cards to enable you to shape a custom-made career plan.


Boost your leadership skills


ENGIE encourages every employee, whether they are in a managerial role or not, to develop their leadership skills on their own level. Our talent development initiatives concern every one of our 173,000 employees, regardless of their area of expertise or their experience. 


Special measures are in place to help employees access managerial positions. We have a special programme to help our 40,000 managers develop their behavioural leadership skills. Our aim is to provide an environment which allows everyone to assert their individual talents, while expressing our values through their own personality.


The ENGIE Boost initiative offers high-potential employees a fast track to the Group’s key managerial positions. This personalised, cross-disciplinary programme boosts the Group’s collective fibre, open-mindedness and agility, thereby enhancing personal development and group success. 



Promote your expertise


At ENGIE, we recognise expertise through our ExpAND programme, which is designed to identify, promote and develop communities of experts in technical, technological and functional fields. The aim is to develop their expertise, enhance their leadership skills and spread their knowledge throughout the Group and beyond.





The best ideas often come to us in the field. That is why we encourage intrapreneurship and support employees who want to turn their ideas into action. ENGIE’S Intrapreneuriat4good programme takes this one step further. The Group joined forces with Danone and BNP Paribas to design a common approach and create synergies to boost positive-impact intrapreneurship. 

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Keeping your motivation intact


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At ENGIE, we believe that a happy employee is first and foremost a happy individual. That is why we do everything we can to ensure that every employee can develop on a personal level, and create, with us, the world they want. 



Charitable causes


At ENGIE, you can share your energy and bring your personal convictions to life in a different way. We have a number of initiatives that enable those who so wish to offer their skills to their colleagues and to organisations outside the Group. 


Through associations like Energy Assistance, our employees join humanitarian projects to provide power to energy-deprived areas. Through Fondation Agir pour l’Emploi, others coach and fund occupational integration projects to help people who have been excluded from the workplace find employment. And by joining Rassembleurs d’Energies, some employees take action to develop energy-focused assistance projects. As you can see, the hardest part is not finding a charitable cause but deciding which one(s) to choose!



Collective intelligence


One mind is good. Several hundred thinking together is even better. ENGIE has always been a pioneer of collective intelligence, because we believe that by increasing the number of viewpoints, we can offer concrete, large-scale initiatives. Every year, dozens of events offer our employees the opportunity to learn about or take an active role in transforming society. At the same time, over 170 communities of keen and committed employees focus on a wide variety of issues, with differing aims but a single, shared objective: to make a positive impact on the Group and on society. 


Would you like to find out more about our initiatives?




Enrol as an ENGIE ambassador


Why not share your professional dedication and the pride that taking action brings, promote the Group’s key projects, spark interest in our vocations, and encourage people to join us? At ENGIE, we encourage and support this through many channels.


Take CommunauTech, for example. This community of technician ambassadors promotes its professions and expertise, particularly among the younger generation. Other measures, like “J’apprends l’énergie”, work with children from primary age upwards, with a view to raising awareness of the energy transition. Ambassadors also participate in trade fairs to develop our business, at job fairs to advise future candidates, and at the schools and universities they attended.

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Supporting you through a hyperactive day 


At ENGIE, we are convinced that success and wellbeing for our 173,000 employees also requires a healthy work/life balance. So, we take concrete action to support you as best we can, at every stage of your life. Because not only is it your right to develop in a secure and relaxed environment, it is also our primary concern. 



Support at every key moment in your life


Our employees’ lives are punctuated by minor and major events, and by small and big ordeals. So, at ENGIE we do everything we can to make day-to-day life easier for parents, carers, and all our employees who struggle to find a healthy balance between their professional and private lives.


For example, we have adopted a comprehensive range of measures to support parents: maternity and paternity leave, company day nurseries, flexible hours, academic assistance, etc. We also set up an online platform to help carers carry out certain procedures and provide support for their day-to-day organisation. 



Wellbeing at work: a little, a lot, passionately


At ENGIE, we have always believed that quality of life is a factor in the performance of every employee and for society in general. Every year, employees, communities and management propose a wide range of initiatives to ensure that ENGIE continues to offer the best professional experience possible.


We offer services that make everyone’s day-to-day life easier, such as working from home, flexible hours, inviting and pleasant work spaces, and concierge services. Because having a little time for yourself, or to dedicate to others, changes everything!



Your health and safety? Our priority


“No life at risk”. This is a collective objective, a training programme, a leitmotiv and, above all else, the priority among all priorities. Everybody – managers, employees, temporary workers – keeps watch over their own safety and over that of their colleagues. Every year, ENGIE makes sure that its goals, policies and results regarding health, safety and security are communicated to every employee in the Group.