An employee or any of the Group's stakeholders, if victim or witness of unethical practices, is thus invited to contact a manager, the ethics and compliance officer of the entity concerned, or the Ethics & Compliance Director of the Group.

The e-mail address is one of the channels in the Group for reporting ethical incidents. It enables any employee, as well as anyone outside the Group (customer, supplier, etc.), to report presumed or observed breaches of ethics rules encountered in the context of his/her professional activity or his/her business relationships with the Group.

The identity of the person submitting the report and of anyone accused of misconduct will be treated in a confidential way.

The Group ensures that employees who are involved in enforcing this principle are not prejudiced. In line with the commitments taken by the Group in its Ethics charter and its Practical guide to ethics, no sanctions of any kind can be taken against an employee who, in good faith and selflessly, uses any of the systems for reporting ethical incidents set up by the Group or the local entity, or refuses to perform an act that would be contrary to the Group's ethics principles.

Data collected via the Group whistleblowing e-mail address are treated as specified in the provisions for the French law on personal data protection of January 6, 1978, with its subsequent amendments. All the necessary precautions are taken to ensure data remain secure, during the collection process as well as during the communication process or when they are filed. For more information on whistleblowing, click here.