Science Po - PRESAGEThe main contributions of this partnership

Supporting the academic research

As the first aspect of this plan, GDF SUEZ has undertaken to support research by giving grants to PRESAGE’s young male or female researchers and by financing the various academic publications associated with them.


Bringing awareness and informing within GDF SUEZ and outside it

The objective of the partnership is also to propagate a culture of equality within the Group and more broadly in civil society.

  • An international colloquium on gender has been organized last March 8 (International Women’s Day) at Sciences Po, bringing together researchers and managers from the GDF SUEZ Group.
  • Internal conference cycles are organized at GDF SUEZ.
  • Dinner-debates will make it possible to confront the Group’s executives with the thinking and study of an internationally famous male or female researcher.

Developing innovative analysis and measuring systems

Finally, one of the unusual contributions of this partnership will be implementing applied
research within GDF SUEZ.

This will involve:

  •  Creating inequality analysis systems and progress measurement tools based on objectives already defined by the Group.
  •  Deploying these and then generating a report on equal opportunity.


The sponsorship agreement binding GDF SUEZ and Sciences Po/PRESAGE is an ambitious and innovative plan which broaches the question of equality in the workplace from a new angle.

It is based on several main lines linking academic research with the world of business.


The parties in this partnership




Sciences Po, an educational environment focused on contemporary imperatives

The Faculty of Political Science was founded in 1871 and has trained future managers over the past 140 years, both in the private sector and in senior levels of government, politics and research. As a higher education and research institution characterized by strong internationalization and very selective recruitment of its students, Sciences Po devotes 37% of its budget to research into economics, law, history, sociology, political science and international relations.

Sciences Po participates in the life of the City and contributes to the public debate by its research into social sciences and by the variety of the debates and events which are organized there each year.






PRESAGE, an innovative research and knowledge distribution program

The program of research and teaching of gender knowledge developed jointly by the OFCE and Sciences Po, PRESAGE introduces thinking on gender into all Sciences Po’s activities: teaching, research, continuous training.


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