Code of conduct in business relations

The code of conduct in business relations details the principles governing the Group’s commercial relations with its stakeholders: customers, suppliers, service providers, subcontractors, competitors, commercial partners, business consultants, public authorities.

The code applies to all relevant employees and external service providers acting on the behalf or in the name of the Group. It is communicated to the Group’s suppliers, service providers, subcontractors and partners



Code of conduct in supplier relations

The code of conduct in supplier relations lists the 7 principles that each Group employee must follow when conducting relations with suppliers: purchasing advisors, buyers, suppliers, users, managers, project managers, etc.:

  1. Comply with laws, regulations, external standards, Group commitments and internal procedures
  2. Treat suppliers fairly, transparently and impartially
  3. Ensure that mutual commitments are respected
  4. Protect the confidentiality of all information exchanged
  5. Foster awareness of and meet the Group’s commitments with regard to ethical standards, sustainable development and social responsibility
  6. Avoid any conflict of interests that may undermine objective and independent decision making
  7. Report any situation that does not comply with these rules

Each employee must continually ensure that suppliers have reviewed ENGIE’s Ethics charter and that their concerns are in line with those of the Group.



Code of conduct for Group financial officers

The code of conduct for Group financial officers outlines the rules that must guide the behavior of anyone working in accounting or finance functions (including executing financial transactions, account recording, financial reporting and communication) within the Group, its BUs, subsidiaries and entities.



Code of conduct on lobbying

The code of conduct on lobbying provides a framework for the Group’s lobbying activity by outlining commitments to promote ENGIE while continuing to favor the public interest. The code is applicable to all lobbyists working on behalf of the Group, including Group employees and representatives. The code aligns with the Group’s commitments in terms of transparency, integrity and reliability.