The UAE is a dynamic economy with huge natural resources (oil & gas) a young population and a strong drive towards transformational, sustainable solutions (renewables; mobility; smart cities; …).

Power Generation and seawater desalination

  • AL TAWEELAH – (IWPP- Independent Water and Power Producer) Al Taweelah A1 project was awarded in August 2000. It is 60% owned by the Abu Dhabi government with the remaining 40% being equally held by ENGIE and Total. The plant has a production capacity of 1,592 MW power and 380,000 cubic meters water per day and it is operated by an O&M JV equally held by ENGIE and Total.
  • SHUWEIHAT S1 – (IWPP- Independent Water and Power Producer) ENGIE and Sumitomo, together with the Abu Dhabi government (EWC) co-own the plant, which has a capacity of 1,572 MW and 454,200 cubic meters of water per day since 2004. All its production is sold to the Abu Dhabi government under a long-term agreement valid until 2025.
  • SHUWEIHAT 2 – (IWPP- Independent Water and Power Producer) The plant has a capacity of 1,510 MW and 454,210 m3 of water per day. The project was awarded in July 2008 to a consortium composed of ENGIE (20%), Marubeni (initially 20%, but recently sold 10% to gas Osaka, a Japanese gas company) and the Abu Dhabi government (60%). The plant has been in operation since 2013.
  • UMM AL NAR – (IWPP- Independent Water and Power Producer) This combined cycle gas turbine power plant (CCGT) has a capacity of 2,240 MW and 650,000 cubic meters of water per day. Electricity and water are sold through a power and water purchase agreement (PWPA) with the Abu Dhabi government until 2026.
  • FUJAIRAH F2 PLANT – (IWPP- Independent Water and Power Producer) The plant, opened in May 2011 and owned by FAPCO (Fujairah Asia Power Company), has a total capacity of 2,000 MW and 600,000 cubic meters of water per day. The produced electricity and water are sold through a long-term power and water purchase agreement (PWPA) with the Abu Dhabi government.
  • MIRFA - (IWPP- Independent Water and Power Producer) This power project, with a capacity of 1600 MW and 238,665 cubic meters of desalinated water per day, is owned by ENGIE (20%) and the Abu Dhabi government (80%). The project was commissioned in 2017 and its production is sold through a long-term power and water purchase agreement (PWPA) for a period of 25 years.

Decarbonization of the UAE economy

ENGIE believes that low carbon gas-fired power generation will continue to play an important role in meeting the country’s energy and water needs, which is in line with the UAE’s clean energy targets.

As a key partner of the UAE’s energy privatization program, the Group will continue to position itself for upcoming solar projects in the UAE both for Photovoltaic (PV) and Concentrated Solar Power (CSP) tenders.

ENGIE supports other initiatives that drive towards the decarbonization of the UAE’s economy. We are an active member of the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) that has its headquarters in Dubai, to support the dialogue between the public and private sectors in order to implement a solid market framework for solar in the region. We are also a partner of the Dubai Carbon Center of Excellence with whom we develop initiatives to explore the potential of carbon market mechanisms in the UAE and in the broader region.

Customer Solutions

ENGIE ventured into Customers Solutions in the UAE in 2008, when its subsidiary ENGIE Cofely formed a joint venture with Belgian construction giant BESIX, to develop Facility Management services for the UAE and the wider Gulf. COFELY BESIX grew into a regional Facility Manager leader providing services to prestigious UAE customers such as Emaar and Aldar Groups, and managing landmarks including the world-famous Burj Khalifa, Dubai Mall and Fountains, as well as the prestigious Masdar City and Institute in Abu Dhabi. End 2018, ENGIE acquired the shares that BESIX held in the company, which is now fully controlled by ENGIE and operates under the ENGIE Cofely brand.

By becoming a key shareholder in Smart4Power in 2018, ENGIE continued to broaden its scope of energy efficiency solutions in the UAE and in the wider region.

Through leading District Cooling provider Tabreed, in which ENGIE acquired a 40% stake in 2017, ENGIE offers highly reliable cooling solutions to the UAE, which deliver cost efficiency and reduce energy consumption and, as a result, carbon emissions, supporting regional businesses and governments in their drive towards more efficiency and sustainability. To date (2019), Tabreed has built 63 district cooling plants in the UAE that provide efficient cooling to landmark projects including Ferrari World, Dubai Metro and the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque.


Our Engineering services provider Tractebel has been active in the UAE for over 30 years. The company works as consulting engineer for major players in the energy, water and infrastructure sectors in the Gulf, both for public actors and private customers.

Environmental & Social Responsibility

In line with SDG 17, we continue to build partnerships that link us into local stakeholder ecosystems and contribute to the effectiveness of our ESR strategy implementation. In the UAE, we have active partnerships with among others Dubai Carbon Centre of Excellence, Dubai Chamber of Commerce Sustainability Network, Emirates Environmental Group, and Goumbook. They support us in the implementation of a wide range of actions for the benefit of the local environment, including decarbonization, recycling, single-use plastics, … as well as awareness and impact measurement.

In 2018, MESCAT supported the UAE Ministry of Climate Change & Environment (MOCCAE) for the organization of the 13th Global Meeting of the Ramsar Convention on Wetlands, in collaboration with the ENGIE Foundation.

To ensure blue collar workers’ rights in the UAE and the wider region, ENGIE MESCAT has defined minimum standards for health & safety, wellbeing and human rights, which have been incorporated in the selection process of all our manpower suppliers & contractors. ENGIE Cofely has revamped a bus into a purpose-built mobile training facility for its workers in the UAE to provide training either on site or at their local labor accommodation.