Policies and procedures



The CSR policy

Global warming and climate change have left us no alternative but to rethink the global energy landscape. The urgent need to reduce its environmental impact means that implementing a more decarbonized, more decentralized, more digital and more energy-efficient system is now a necessity. The Group's ambition is to make energy and services a source of harmonious progress and development.. To provide secure energy that is better consumed, accessible to as many people as possible and respects both society and the environment.

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ENGIE evolves in a world where environmental issues are multiplying. Risks related to climate change, overexploitation of natural resources including water, biodiversity loss and air pollution are central concerns for the Group and the resilience of its activities. Environment is one of the key CSR issues for a leader in the world of energy and energy services like ENGIE.

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ENGIE Group is doing more to help overcome the challenges faced by businesses and wider society. Its work is intensifying in three areas: enhanced dialogue with stakeholders in every area of its business, human rights in a globalized economy, and the increased responsibility companies bear towards their upstream (suppliers) and downstream (customers) supply chains. ENGIE considers these issues to be risks that could turn into problems but also, and perhaps more importantly, as opportunities to see our business grow through more responsible and sustainable methods.

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Tax Policy

In accordance with its CSR Policy, ENGIE has defined in its Tax Policy the rules and principles followed in this matter and publishes the amounts of corporate taxes paid in the most important countries for ENGIE.

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Commitments and HR policies

ENGIE has built its human resources policy around the core elements of open dialogue, continuous improvement and sharing best practices. The Group pursues these goals in its efforts to recruit, develop and retain employees. And to create working environments that encourage diversity, wellbeing and social interaction, ENGIE implements a broad range of social responsibility initiatives. 

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Global care – Mitigation of health, safety and security risks

ENGIE attaches the highest importance to health, safety and security. The protection of individuals is deeply embedded in the Group’s DNA. Our collective objective is “No life at risk” at ENGIE, for the Group’s employees as well as for its temporary workers and subcontractors. 

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Procurement Policy

ENGIE is a world leader that provides low-carbon energy and services. To tackle the climate emergency facing us all, our aim is to become the world leader in the zero-carbon energy transition “as a service” for our clients – particular for companies and regional authorities. We use our expertise in our key business areas (renewables and low-carbon, networks & services) to provide competitive and bespoke solutions. Our employees, our clients, our partners and our stakeholders, especially our suppliers, together we form a community of imaginative builders, striving every day to bring about a more harmonious form of progress. To achieve this ambition, ENGIE relies on numerous global and local equipment and service providers.

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Principles and Commitments

In line with its values and commitments, ENGIE seeks to act in all circumstances in accordance with the laws and regulations in force in the countries where it operates.

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Green Finance

Focusing on the development of low carbon energy and energy services that enable its customers to reduce their carbon footprint, the Group is firmly committed to contributing to the emergence of the green bond market, which is proving to be one of the most promising investment options in the future to finance the energy transition.

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