• Inspired by the IT world, this model offers integrated, tailored and co-financed solutions.

Isabelle Kocher, AG 2019


The “as a service” offer is accelerating the zero-carbon transition

500 businesses publicly committed to pursuing sustainability targets following COP 21, and more than 170 companies have become RE100 in 5 years. The energy transition initiated by governments at national level is giving way to a second wave, driven by businesses and local authorities.

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 Sisslerfeld wood-fired plant

#ENGIEHarmonyProject - ENGIE x DSM Nutritional Products

The Sisslerfeld wood-fired plant is a flagship project for the transition to zero-carbon energy. The "as a service" industrial project, which involves an investment of CHF 60 millions, will allow annual CO2 emissions to be reduced by 50,000 tonnes.

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A 50-year energy management contract with Ohio State University in the United States

Ohio State University chose ENGIE to manage the energy efficiency of its entire campus, consisting of 485 buildings, in a 50-year partnership, with a commitment to reducing energy use by at least 25% in the first ten years of the contract and a goal of gradually improving the sustainability of the whole campus. This project was awarded a trophy in an Innovation competition organized by ENGIE.

  • Length: 50-year
  • Funding: concession
  • Integrated offer
  • Commitment: reducing energy use by at least 25% in the first ten years of the contract

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Longwood medical area (Boston)

ENGIE and Axium Infrastructure recently finalized the acquisition of a micro-grid and a heating and cooling system on the campus.

This complete energy system is integral to the day-to-day operation of world-renowned medical facilities which are working on critical research initiatives and serve more than 2.4 million patients annually.

  • Funding: acquisition
  • Integrated offer: 99 MW of electricity thanks to a micro-grid, 500 tonnes per hour of steam and 42,000 tonnes of chilled water

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Greater Springfield, Australie

Greater Springfield, Australia

ENGIE and Springfield City Group, the master planner behind the emerging city of Greater Springfield, in Queensland Australia, signed a historic 50-year strategic alliance to make Greater Springfield a net zero energy city. Under the alliance, investments will be planned in renewable energy generation and storage infrastructure, district energy schemes, green mobility solutions, digital technology, energy efficiency initiatives and a dedicated research and innovation center.

  • Length: 50-year
  • Partnership: strategic alliance
  • Integrated offer: identify and implement the solutions to tomorrow’s energy challenges
  • Commitment: by 2038, the partnership’s vision is that the six suburbs that make up the Greater Springfield community are intended to be generating more energy than they consume.

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L'Oréal, Brésil

L'Oréal, Brazil

L'Oréal Brazil's plants, distribution center, research center and head office are now supplied with electricity produced by ENGIE’s Trairi wind farm in northeastern Brazil.

This Power Purchase Agreement (PPA), which promotes decarbonization and the use of green energy in a partnership approach with leading companies, is in line with the Group’s strategic commitment to develop renewable projects directly dedicated to its customers.

  • Funding : corporate PPA
  • Integrated offer: L’Oréal purchases 100% of the energy produced by ENGIE’s wind farm
  • Commitment: preventing 7,000 tonnes of CO2 emissions into the atmosphere, equivalent to planting 43,000 trees

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