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What if the energy we really need in the world is audacity?

Sometimes it is worth stating the obvious, especially if it helps to move things forward. Ann has this motto fixed in her mind: if you don't try, you cannot succeed. And it works.

A trained lawyer specialising in European law, this polyglot is just as comfortable speaking French, German and English as she is her Dutch mother tongue; combined with a good working knowledge of Spanish, Ann could certainly have had a brilliant career in a law firm and pleaded cases in the courts of Belgium, Germany or anywhere else, if she had wanted to. Instead, she chose to become a business developer. Why? "Being very attracted by technical and commercial fields, I followed my entrepreneurial instinct and joined a large company." After an internship at the Brussels Bar, she joined Electrabel as European and Institutional Affairs Advisor. As a lawyer specialised in competition law, she advised Electrabel in its preparations for the opening of energy markets. As chair of the working group on public procurement, she represented Electrabel on several Eurelectric committees and led direct lobbying missions with different European Union institutions. A nice start to her career!

After three years, Ann wanted to expand her vision of the Group. She joined Tractebel as Strategy and Development Advisor. This position, which brought her closer to power generation solutions on an engineering level, offered her new prospects. The following year, upon her return to Electrabel, she became a business manager in the growing field of renewable energy. She is passionate about this field and brings her enthusiastic support to legal, economic, financial and technical matters, identifying, developing and establishing offshore and onshore wind farms and solar power projects in Belgium.

Sustainable vocation

Ann is convinced that the development of electricity production from renewable sources, the deployment of new markets via new innovations in all areas of industry, to new technologies and to lower equipment prices represent great opportunities. Both from an economic perspective, but also on an environmental and social level. She employs all her legal prowess and rigorously prepares her arguments to champion the most ambitious projects and get the decisions that will enable their implementation. The most ambitious projects are taking shape. Ann develops the compressed natural gas electric vehicle and strategy and coordinates the programme for the implementation of a smart charging solution for home and office. She manages the team carrying out the certified reports, strategic studies, summary documents for stakeholders, action plans in the direction of sustainable development. She creates partnerships with chambers of commerce. She has brought some incredible future plans into being. And four beautiful children too! Among them a set of triplets who must have known that Ann loves the number 3. This keen sportswoman is an experienced triathlon competitor. And she can effortlessly manage three dossiers at the same time.

From the major account to the individual

Having become a specialist in renewable energy markets in Belgium, Ann was entrusted the management of business accounts followed by major Electrabel projects, before leaving Belgium to become Director of solutions for residential customers at ENGIE in other European countries, her current position. These changing roles have never caused her to veer off course. "I hold on to the same belief, the same enthusiasm, regardless of the direction we're taking and the project we're implementing. I feel immense satisfaction when a partner agrees to move forward and cooperate with us, when the first successes of a new offer are shown in the KPIs (Key performance indicators), when we find a balanced solution to overcome a challenge, solve a problem". Ann has always taken the lead. She was among the first to believe in the potential of wind turbines. Along with the electric car. And the increasingly commonplace production of solar electricity in private homes too. Probably because she is always ready for change.

Customer focus

Her approach is resolutely geared towards the benefit for consumers. "I feel you must make the customer the focus of your priorities. I always strive to keep this principle in mind when I am developing offers and the customer experience. This seems to me much more appropriate than relying on what we think we know about the needs and desires of our customers. This explains, for example, why we are developing a service that allows all individuals to access solar power, even the tenants of an apartment." Ann is a creative person with her feet firmly on the ground. She likes to think outside the box and innovate, but it must be accessible and useful to as many people as possible. She envisages the next stage in her career being in the development of innovative startups or via partnerships in the silver economy. Some of the areas that attract her attention are electric mobility and self-propelled vehicles and the smart home. She is also convinced that in the future energy will be much more closely linked with other areas such as health, or the media. Great opportunities for her on the horizon!

"In my ideal team, everyone's roles and responsibilities are well defined but the hierarchy has completely gone. Everything relies on complementary skills sets, and kindness to others.”

Ann Goossens, Director of solutions for individuals at ENGIE