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A hunger for learning and a thirst for entrepreneurship

Hedy Evrard's career is a textbook example of motivation. Having joined ENGIE with a BTS higher-level technical qualification gained at evening classes, he has become an engineer thanks to the internal promotion opportunities offered by the Group! And he hasn't finished learning yet!

The temperament of a go-getter

The university lecture theater was never his cup of tea. Hedy preferred action and real-life experience. But that preference has never got in the way of his desire to learn, progress and pursue his ambitions! He first became aware of his professional vocation when he was still in high school. "I used to do assignments for Endel ENGIE as a mechanical engineering fitter when I was a student. And ever since my first job as a student, I knew that this was the company I wanted to work for.”

Tenacious, Hedy set out to do whatever it took to make that happen. Patient, he worked for two years as a sales technician waiting for the opportunity to join Endel ENGIE as a maintenance contract preparation assistant. His determination was soon noticed. Six months after being hired, he worked on a major maintenance contract for a steel industry customer: "Those were the two years of my career that have left the biggest impression on me. I discovered the world of industry, found out precisely what Endel ENGIE does, experienced the team cohesion here and got to grips with technical tasks. In particular, I remember working on a furnace that was leaking liquid metal: that was pretty impressive. The work I did that day as a member of the team remains a very important and memorable experience."

Hedy climbed the career ladder very quickly. In a short time, he progressed from assistant to site supervisor and upwards to contract manager. His experience of different projects grew dramatically, and he carried on training at the same time with the in-house Endel Institute. This was the route that led him to join the company's maintenance department as an engineer.

Every day is a new story

Hedy is rightly proud of his career and the operational skills he is able to contribute every day to help his colleagues in the field. He supports the branches of Endel ENGIE with the company's major national maintenance contracts, from the costing stage through regulatory and technology monitoring and service delivery to auditing.

What he loves most about his job is the diversity that comes with it, which brings him into contact with industries as different as steelmaking, nuclear power, petrochemicals and shipbuilding. No two days are ever the same, and that suits him very well: "It's the prospect of learning something new and getting involved with new projects that get me out of bed every morning."

When you ask him to describe the qualities needed to do his job, he has no hesitation in answering: "Enthusiasm, a high level of adaptability, good listening skills and the ability to sum things up concisely. Oh yes, and a liking for traveling." Hedy travels a great deal - usually two days out of every three - which is good news for this enterprising enthusiast. "Professionally and personally, I learn an enormous amount from the people I meet traveling around France."

Always in the heat of the action

For Hedy, his sense of duty to others is not confined solely to his working life: "I'm also a volunteer firefighter at weekends and during vacations. It's my second passion after my work. I need to feel useful, and I like helping others. I think the truth is that I just like action and adrenaline." So it comes as little surprise to learn that Hedy is also a keen biker. Another of his favorite things is construction. Having previously renovated a house, he built his current home from scratch.

His well-developed sense of organization has helped Hedy to strike the right balance between his career, his family and his personal passions. "I make sure that I always leave room for my family. I have a little girl of 6 and a boy of 20 months, so it's very important to me that I spend time with them."


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