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There's nothing like a good marketing strategy to advance your research!

To meet the needs of a rapidly-changing energy world and the challenges of energy transition, researchers are there to imagine possible futures and find new solutions. But they still need to be guided in their research.

Helen is an experienced leader. Within the Research and Technologies department she coordinates programmes, guides teams and project managers. Her favourite subjects? Emerging technologies promising new business for ENGIE: industrial and territorial ecology, the cities of tomorrow, alternative and sustainable mobility, new energies like hydrogen, biomethane. As a business developer, she guides and coordinates a set of research projects, develops demonstrations and organises expert assignments to ENGIE entities or external customers.

One would assume that to get to this key position at the heart of major research and development issues Hélène followed a scientific career at the highest level. Well, not exactly. She had decided upon marketing and enrolled in the School of Commerce and Corporate Administration in Toulouse to learn the business. Hélène, however, went on to complement her studies with a Higher Education qualification in Development of Innovation, which gave her an interest in the development of effective collaborations between engineers and sales.

Business Sense

In the first part of her career, Hélène was a brilliant sales representative. Having joined the Group as head of marketing studies, she handled all the markets in the South Burgundy sector before being assigned the operational marketing for consumer markets in Cannes and then responsibility for sales on consumer markets in Nice. She had many opportunities to forge high-level expertise in sales management, deploying partner networks, defining strategic plans and managing consultants. Held in high regard for her analytical capacity, she was recruited by the Strategic Marketing Delegation and rose to the rank of marketing executive in the Individual and Professional clients division. The scope of her work took on a national dimension and her missions covered development of the marketing plan through to their implementation and building new deals.

Innovation Strategy

The major developments, if not revolutions, that the energy world has been experiencing since the beginning of the XXI century was to give Hélène a chance to see her work in a new light. The Research and Technologies department presented her with an opportunity to use her expertise to optimise the management of her teams and project managers. Helen accepted the challenge and made the transition from marketing strategy to innovation strategy. She has found this change of direction interesting and hugely motivating. She directs projects, applies her proven sales skills to both general public and professionals to build constructive relationships with internal customers, adapts subjects to current issues, imagine possible futures and initiates new projects. She is always willing to seek support from institutions to negotiate financing and develop partner networks. Under her leadership, the researchers approach their projects from a new angle, and are enthusiastically committed to the quest for solutions that are as innovative as they are practical.

She has successfully tackled the challenge of working in the Research and Technology department. Hélène loves her work, which beyond its managerial responsibilities enables her to play a part in the development of a new energy world: "I am very drawn to innovation themes, and putting together collaborative projects to bring new energies and services to cities and regions. I feel particularly strongly about hydrogen energy which I have been supportive of for years and which has now become a reality in the ENGIE Group.”

"I get passionately involved in the subjects which concern me, like enabling the Group to be innovative in new offers for the regions or new green energy, like hydrogen.”

Hélène Pierre, Business developer