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Luck is all about seizing the right opportunities

A chance encounter can change your destiny but you still need to be in the right place at the right time. Fate dealt Julien Dupré a great opportunity, he was there to grab it, and that was where it all began.

It was 2014. The first buds were heralding the arrival of spring. Julien was on his final work placement at Bonduelle in Mont-de-Marsan. An experience which would round off both his engineering degree in Industrial Energy and his Masters in Business Administration. Already thinking about the next step, he looked at applying for a Master's in optimising energy systems at ParisTech Mines. To do that he needed to find a company. But which one? And then one fine day, Jean-Yves Druillennec, Sustainability Director at ENGIE Axima, arrived on site, offering to carry out an energy audit. Without a moment's hesitation, Julien took his contact details, and immediately after he sent him his resume and requested a meeting. Bingo: a meeting was arranged and he was able to present his project. "It is thanks to him and ENGIE Axima, that I was able to undertake my Specialised Masters at ParisTech Mines. And I still talk about him now at ENGIE Axima." And that's how a young engineer entered the employment market through the front door: by taking a chance.

Highly motivated

Julien left his home region of Les Landes and headed for Montauban de Bretagne. As soon as he arrived there, he was given some important assignments. He carried out his first energy audits and become familiar with Energy Saving Certificates (ESCs). Now he was a part of the energy services world, he moved into turbo mode. "I'm never short of things that motivate me to get up in the morning.  Knowing how many things I'm going to learn, that I'm going to have difficulties and that I'll need to dig deep to find solutions, that I'm going to have to talk, give my point of view and listen to my colleagues to successfully win a tender that I'll have to champion and make more accessible, that I'm going to have to give the best of myself to convince the customer that our solution is the best ... All this gives me an incredible energy.”

Team spirit

Markets are highly competitive places. To win them you must work as a team which is perfect for Julien. He played rugby at university and remains a committed supporter in the stands! "On your own, it is very difficult to succeed, to be awarded a tender or a project, to carry out an operation for a client. Working as part of a team or a group is what makes us stronger." But don't go thinking that Julien is someone who rushes headlong into the fray. His greatest quality is knowing how to analyse. He understood the importance of listening to customers very early on, to understand their needs. Julien likes to take the time to explain, to discuss things, to question himself. He never tries to impose things, preferring this to happen organically, with customers and colleagues alike. "The most important thing is being cooperative.” 

"The very essence of success in every phase of a project, is teamwork. It allows us to see things through to the end and makes us stronger and more efficient. I can't imagine working on my own.”

A better world

Aside from his job, Julien has two great passions. The first is for the oval ball and the second is for his backpack. His favourite motto, by Augustine of Hippo, is both a warning and an invitation: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only a page."  As often as he can, he sets off to discover a new country, its history, its culture, its riches. "All my trips allow me to grow and see the world around us in a different way. This allows me to get some perspective and remind myself that we have a planet full of beautiful places. So, we all need to do whatever we can to maintain and preserve it!”

Global warming, depleting resources and the preservation of the environment are just some of the many topics that naturally concern Julien. It is not by chance that he has become an expert in optimising energy systems. "In my very own small way, I try to enable people to save energy and I think that if there were lots of Juliens, all over the planet, we would influence the world of tomorrow and maybe, ideally, leave a better world for the next generations." Julien has a desire to share his worthy values. He teaches at the University of Nantes and at ParisTech Mines. He is also one of the ambassadors of the "I learn Energy" programme, an innovative, creative and motivating educational tool, to help teachers plan their lessons and activities. Julien may very well be only 26 years old, but he feels very strongly about sharing what he knows with pupils and students at school and university so that they can understand the issues of energy and learn about the many amazing careers that await them in this sector.

Julien Dupré, sustainability engineer