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Why stop at imagining the world of tomorrow, when you can build it today?

If he chose Political Science, it was to change the order of things. ENGIE immediately gave him that opportunity. Reporting to Storengy General Management, Loïc Jaegert handles all aspects of governance and strategy. At the very heart of the challenges of energy transition.

"I've always been attracted to the social issues related to energy, water and the environment.”

And then there are mountain sports: skiing in winter, hiking in summer. And music all year round. But what interests Loïc first and foremost, are the great challenges affecting humanity. How can we optimise the management of our water and energy resources? How can we best recycle our waste? Keen to devote himself to socially responsible work, serving governments and communities, he seized the opportunity given to him by ENGIE in 2010 to train in top management through work-based learning. This two-year programme was a chance to become immersed in the major global energy issues. Sent to Thailand, he contributed to the integration of new electricity generation units following the acquisition of the British firm International Power. He also discovered the intricacies of Asia. "You arrive there with preconceptions, Western clichés. In fact, you have to adapt to each culture. Customs are very different in Thailand, Vietnam, Burma, Indonesia, Laos and Singapore." It took eight months to integrate all entities, and explain the new ENGIE strategy. Loïc was all about diplomacy. He organised the merger of teams, managed the cultural aspects, learnt to combine the customs of two companies to make them one, by taking the best of both worlds.

"Teamwork is about acknowledging that everyone has something to contribute and that skills can be complementary.”

Back in Europe, Loïc changed domain. In Luxembourg he immersed himself in the upper echelons of finance and LNG markets, then joined GrDF to help build the operating division in Normandy. There were 14 very local distribution agencies to bring together. "Each had its own procedures, its own profile. We unified all this, while managing territory issues." Loïc was struck by the huge amount of field and group work involved in creating a managerial system with a multi-agency, multi-territory, multi-skill approach. "The French are not used to change, or to exchange!" He set up a system of sharing good practice, which allowed him to show the teams that they had much to gain from working together.

The turning point that is energy transition

When he joined Storengy, Loïc had the skills and experience needed to help this gas storage specialist successfully complete its restructuring and become a key player in the energy transition.

"Storage needs are growing and diversifying: biogas, hydrogen, C02. Storengy has developed strong expertise in geoscience. It is a true specialist in energy storage, capable of working across many fields related to energy transition. Power to gas, for example, helps to overcome the intermittent nature of renewable energy, and electrolysis turns waste into synthesis gas.”

Loïc is extremely passionate about these issues. "Our experts have a firm grasp of the underground energies used to supply heating networks for cities and buildings, and to produce electricity.”

His role of Chief of staff puts him right at the crossroads of the Group's plans for diversification. "We work across the entire spectrum of energy storage: gas, but also compressed air, heat, hydrogen, and more. So, in the future, why not take over the battery business too?”

He deals with major energy issues on a daily basis, working with Group experts as well as elected officials. He presents them with Storengy's key strengths: energy solutions for decentralised areas, interconnections for integration into plans for smart cities, underground storage, and optimisation of land. "We store gas in salt caverns for industrial companies, we install surface solar panels, and we work on the biodiversity of sites. We operate in wind power, biogas stations, hydrogen, and more, all of which are areas of growing interest to communities.”

A coordinating role

Loïc provides governance for steering committees: preparation of agendas, summaries and follow-ups. "I have to ensure that every decision is properly understood in the field." He also manages transfers, crises, and public relations. "I make things easier for General Management." Strategically, he makes sure that the Enterprise Project is fully understood by the entire company. "We want our 1000 employees, across three countries, to feel involved." To do this, he runs seven working groups and an online network, and organises on-site events.

Loic devotes his free time - fortunately he has some! - to his family and his hobbies. He is also very committed to charity work, and housing refugees, particularly unaccompanied children, is a cause that is particularly close to his heart. "Young people are the most vulnerable, and they also have the most potential. They can integrate themselves much more quickly.” And isn't politics the art of living together?

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