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We can all do our bit to improve the world.

Whether it’s environmentalism, climate change or social inequality, Marie has always felt involved. And she takes action!

While she was studying for her masters degree in Management at the Kedge business school, Marie was very involved with Unis-Terre, a student organization that promotes sustainable development through local and international projects. Why did she get involved? She replies with an allegory: “One day there was a huge forest fire. All the terrified animals looked on in horror, feeling powerless as they watched the disaster. Just one little hummingbird was busy, fetching a few drops of water with his beak and throwing them on the fire. After a moment, an armadillo grew frustrated watching such a derisory response, and said to him: ‘You must be mad, hummingbird! You won’t put out the fire with a few drops of water!’ The hummingbird replied, ‘I know, but I’m doing what I can.’ The other animals got the message, they all played their part, each in their own way, and the forest was saved.” When she wasn’t revising her Management courses, this particular hummingbird was raising funds to organize a Christmas party for 200 underprivileged children. She became treasurer of READS, a humanitarian organization that promotes business to ensure development in Senegal. Then, feeling she needed more international experience, she flew off to spend time at Alberto Hurtado University in Santiago, Chile. 

An influential player  

As in the Native American story of the little hummingbird, awareness was eventually rising. The topic of energy efficiency was very much on the agenda. All around the world, companies and local authorities grew more and more enthusiastic about solutions enabling them to make better use of energy and to reduce their environmental impact. One of the leading players in this transformation, ENGIE was looking for motivated and talented individuals to support it. Marie was part of this movement. She joined the International division of ENGIE Services in 2012 as an intern and then stayed on while studying for her masters, supporting marketing and sales. Her department was responsible for the development of ENGIE Cofely outside Europe. She joined the team covering the Latin America region (Chile and Brazil), Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia. It supported the division and all its subsidiaries in acquisition projects and commercial development. Her tasks included improving marketing tools to promote services. Her job gave her the opportunity to make full use of her skills in promoting new offers, such as multi-technical offers, computerized maintenance management systems (CMMSs), complete maintenance and centralized control.


Abut it’s perhaps less the content than the form, the way of doing things, that matters. “Teamwork is a driver for me. I like everyone to be able to contribute to a project through their know-how, their experience, their curiosity.” Marie constantly seeks to prove herself a good listener, striving to fully understand customers’ needs and provide the best response. She is very sensitive to other people, and is good at adapting her attitude to the situation, the type of mission and each person’s role. “For me, each individual is important and makes his or her contribution. So we have to be able to work as a team and in project mode.” Marie is a member of ENGIE’s Young Professionals Network (YPN). “I love the idea that we can share our experience, our feelings, our desires, sometimes our anger, too. It allows you to get to know the Group, to get answers more quickly and to feel that you are a member of a big team!”

Being proactive  

You can see Marie’s enthusiasm on her face, lit up by her sparkling eyes. She has her methods for sharing her verve: “I try to smile as much as possible. It’s easy, doesn’t cost anything and is very contagious.” She always seeks to put things into perspective, working out whether what she is doing is helping improve the situation, and how she could improve it more. And in carrying out her duties, she doesn’t hesitate to encourage the people around her to pay more attention to the environment. “You can make the world a better place by thinking about small things – suggesting to my colleagues that we use real cups instead of plastic ones, for instance, having less printed paper, or thinking about the impact of our seminars on the environment.” Every day, Marie tries to do her bit and to get others to join the movement. The hummingbird can set people humming! In 2015, she joined ENGIE Consulting. As an internal consultant, she applies her know-how to major transformation projects. She has contributed to the development of the new corporate project and its rollout in eight Business Units. The little hummingbird is now in a good position to inspire the biggest changes.

« Everyone can take part in the key challenges of our century, at his or her level : the battle against climate change, energy transition and the preservation of biodiversity.» 

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