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What could be better for an intrapreneur than creating their own business in a field that remains unexplored?

Engie pays Baptiste to take part in intrapreneurship projects. He can therefore savour the excitement of creating activities, without taking any personal financial risks. This means everyone's a winner.

The notion of working in a global group with total freedom gave rise to a proliferation of new ideas from Baptiste! For four years, he has created or structured his own positions. He works completely autonomously and chooses his team members himself, people he obviously gets on well with. A freedom that he would not give up for anything. "It would be very difficult for me now to go back to a traditional job, boxed inside a hierarchy". What does he do exactly? He makes sure he is ahead of the curve, shaking things up and putting innovation into his projects. And there are certainly plenty of projects. As a geek leader and a creator who's passionate about technology, Baptiste has acquired substantial skills in the complete development of Web-mobile, Growth-Hacking and Community-Management. He has, for example, been responsible for the PetitBus platform (, which since 2015 has been encouraging parents to help each other create walking buses or carpool solutions to accompany their children to school. Offering a simple, convenient, easy and safe solution for organising home-school trips, the app has been a great success. It not only saves time and increases peace of mind, but it also eases morning and afternoon traffic jams outside schools and reduces fuel consumption, CO2 emissions and fine particles.

Moving forward collaboratively

Still on the subject of sharing, this time knowledge sharing, Baptiste has recently joined the Open-Interest team as its technical director. This collaborative platform, designed for secondary school students but accessible to all, enables the sharing of knowledge required for business and administration qualifications in secondary education as well as for the entrance exams to Science-Po and ENA. Exchanging data and connecting users so that everyone can make contributions and benefit from those of others, comes as second nature to Baptiste. And not only in his professional environment. For example, as an enthusiastic trail-runner and climber, he has developed a collaborative map and photo library of hiking trails which aims to become a fully collaborative alternative to Google Street View. Skails allows internet users to view and follow the trails as if they were there. "The mountains allow me to be high up and get away from it all, recharging my batteries by reconnecting with the simple things in life and contemplating what better things the world can offer us”.

Energy seen from the sky

Off the beaten track, Baptiste currently brings his experience and knowledge to the Engie Drones & Robotics Lab. "Our team provides its expertise to Engie's Business Units in the field of UAVs and robotics. My role is to lead the team to bring a vision, and provide innovative and technical solutions that respond to commercial and operational challenges". To achieve this goal, Baptiste and his team-mates build prototypes and test them out during feasibility demonstrations. They also rely on their network of partners, which they are constantly expanding. "We are overflowing with positive vibes!”

A rich experience

Baptiste's open-mindedness, his thirst to learn from brilliant people and desire to be a part of meaningful projects, have led him into very different worlds that he explores with passion and enthusiasm. With solid training in Telecommunications, Information Systems and Artificial Intelligence acquired at Telecom SudParis then Stanford University in the heart of Silicon Valley, he was welcomed with open arms by major players in mobile telephony. Responsible for the process of integrating new services into SFR, a French subsidiary of Vodafone Group, he oversaw mobile Internet and messaging services. At Nokia, he became one of the leading experts in a virtual European team whose objective was to support the sales team of the Department of system integration. A move to Comverse Technology, Inc. enabled him to develop and promote IP solutions and multimedia services. GDF Suez then gave him the opportunity to fully express his sense of innovation by working on a project dear to his heart: energy transition. "I constantly ask myself: Is what I do useful to something or someone? Will this decision be true to what I believe in? Every day, I work to develop technological solutions that make life easier for employees or customers, but that also benefit the planet". Smart meters, smart grids, smart home, smart energy ... Baptiste puts his grey matter to good use.  A few years later, his route into intrapreneurship began with the launch of LEANOVE, supported by CRIGEN. Engie entrusted him with the management of this startup aimed at accelerating the development and deployment of digital projects: smartphone & tablet apps, internet services. Ideas burst forth. In 2013, the startup company incubated 15 projects and generated more than €1m of revenue. Since then, Baptiste has launched several companies, and created several solutions for a greener and fairer planet!

"Every day, I endeavour to ensure that each of my actions are at the very least carbon-neutral for the planet and the environment and at best beneficial!”

Baptiste Bouffaut, ENGIE Drones & Robotics Lab Animator