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A wind of renewal is blowing through the energy landscape

Renewables are powering ahead. As worthy successors of the windmills that once powered our rich rural economy, wind power generators are already familiar features in our landscapes. Their taller, more powerful cousins now withstand the enormous forces at work in our oceans. Set course offshore with Myriam Akhoun.

The future no longer has a choice: it must be sustainable

Sustainable development has long been a cause close to Myriam's heart. She's very proud of contributing to furthering this cause, especially through the work she does. Having left engineering graduate school with a Masters in the economics of sustainable development and energy, an internship with ENGIE seemed a natural step. On completion of this initial experience, she was hired by the Group. "I then made the transition from onshore wind power to offshore, and now I'm working on two enormous projects that are highly challenging technically, and make a real contribution to developing the energy of tomorrow." In her daily work, she has to be efficient to cope with a high workload and the stresses of working very long days. Myriam smiles broadly as she lists her responsibilities. "The challenge is so stimulating!" ENGIE is an essential stakeholder in renewables, and Myriam is living proof of that: this fast-growing sector offers some very attractive prospects for young graduates.

A multitude of projects to look forward to

The offshore wind sector offers young graduates many opportunities to express their skills at ENGIE. Les Eoliennes en Mer is the ENGIE subsidiary company responsible for developing the projects at Le Tréport and the islands of Yeu and Noirmoutier. Another subsidiary company - Fabricom - is building the offshore electricity transformer platforms, and the Group is also developing the Mermaid wind park in the Belgian North Sea. The Group therefore intends to engage with significantly more renewables projects going forward, making this a sector with a real need to recruit talented young people. Myriam describes the ideal profile for working on projects related to power generation from renewable sources: "The renewables industry is increasingly moving towards tendering systems that demand multiple skills with the ability to work together as a project-wide team. So we need young people from a diverse range of educational backgrounds, such as engineering graduate school, business school, agronomy, universities, Sciences Po, etc., with the skills needed to work together on complex problems involving environmental, R&D, technical, manufacturing and even social development issues... Since our tender documents are submitted to central government, they also need strong writing skills, well-developed relationship skills, genuine initiative and the will to work as a member of a team."

Globalization with a human face

What Myriam really enjoys about working with ENGIE is, of course, building a career in a global Group, with all the implications that has in terms of project size, but above all, it's the team spirit and management relationships that she appreciates most. "At the same time as growing so successfully in France and internationally in an extremely diverse range of industry sectors through projects of exceptional scope, ENGIE never forgets its human capital, and pays close attention to nurturing and upskilling talented young people. I love working in this Group whose dynamic energy feeds through on a daily basis in the work we do, and which provides the opportunity to work in a cross-disciplinary structure that cuts across so many sectors and subjects. In many ways, it's an ideal company, especially for young people like me who graduated from a joint course."

Time for herself as well!

This young woman is totally committed to her job, which she is passionate about. But it's not all she does. "When I need to unwind, swimming is a very good outlet! I also love traveling, especially outside Europe, to experience other cultures and, best of all, the unspoiled natural world!"


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