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Nicolas is pulling out all the stops to tackle major energy challenges

Nicolas is a pragmatic engineer. He seeks to put his scientific knowledge to good use by applying it to concrete projects in a practical way. To better understand the economic problems in a context of globalization and current crises, he undertook part of his studies abroad, in Montreal, Canada. There he obtained a Masters degree in construction engineering followed by a Financial Management Certificate from the HEC business school in Paris. He was already strongly drawn to the field of energy.

Back in France, Nicolas was immediately hired by a consulting engineering company. "I started my career in a position with a strong commercial emphasis where I developed autonomy and self-confidence." The work, however, was quite far removed from his technical training, and Nicolas quickly made a decision to return to industry, specifically energy. "I had encountered ENDEL ENGIE at the Arts et Métiers ParisTech forum." This contact enabled him to obtain a project engineer position, more closely linked to his aspirations. He was responsible for developing a supply chain for tenders for international projects.

And in addition to this role, he acquired a new specialism. "I had the opportunity to acquire training in nuclear businesses through the Nuclear Trainees Program-Junior, customised training offered within ENDEL ENGIE." For one year, Nicolas followed this course alongside his work. After 400 hours of practical and theoretical training in both France and Belgium he became a professional in this cutting-edge sector. With his new knowledge behind him, Nicolas requested a transfer, to leave the world of tenders and work on power plant projects. "This naturally took me to the EPR FA3 project, where I was responsible for coordinating the prefabrication of regulatory piping (ESP/ESPN) for the contract."

Highly motivated

The size of the project and the challenges that needed to be overcome for its completion provide a huge source of motivation, measuring up to the natural curiosity Nicolas has. "I learn new technical things every day." Furthermore, he really feels strongly about working on large-scale projects that have concrete impacts on French energy policy. The construction site of a new generation plant calls for a very high skill level and enormous control. Nicolas must also demonstrate autonomy, rigour and a certain technical and human curiosity. And when asked about his future plans, Nicolas is as precise as he is about his current work. "I can see myself moving to a more functional role in the coming years, to gain a broader view of the work before returning to a small operational department that's evaluated on its financial results.”

Team member

The work undertaken to construct an EPR is so enormous it could almost be compared to that of an Egyptian pyramid. Such human endeavours humble the individual. "In a challenging technical environment like that of nuclear, it is very rare that just one person has all the answers. Multidisciplinary team work is essential." Nicolas fully understands the benefits of working in a complementary way in a collaborative networking mode. "In BtoB business services, the capital of the company is not based on its assets and installed capacity but in the knowledge and expertise of the employees. Sharing and discussion constitute the 1st condition for success in business and in generating value for the company.”

Taking action for the planet

Open to others, Nicolas is particularly sensitive to environmental challenges. "I especially love travelling and discovering new cultures. I always come back enriched by these life experiences." After various trips through Europe and North America, he recently had the opportunity to become acquainted with several Asian cultures. And part of the reason for his decision to work at ENGIE was very much its international dimension. Another reason, perhaps the most important, is his conviction of the need to reduce our dependence on carbon energy.

"By working for a company that aims to reduce its dependence on CO2 emitting energy, I feel I am right at the heart of one of the major challenges of our day.”

Nicolas Frapsauce, Ingénieur Projet chez ENGIE