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The most powerful energy of youth? The hunger for perfection.

An explosion in the demand for energy + the depletion of fossil resources = a need for things to change. You don't need to have done 5 years of studies in electrical engineering to understand the problem. But if you're going to solve it, that could come in handy!


"The thing that motivates me is the taste for a challenge and the certainty that no two days will ever be the same.”

Quentin might only be 23, but he already has astonishing maturity. He has not just studied the situation of our planet at school but has seen it with his own eyes, all around the world. After secondary school, this huge fan of technologies - especially new ones - joined the Higher National Institute of Applied Sciences in Lyon where he became familiar with the intricacies, among others, of electronics, telecommunications, computing and electrical engineering. He spent the fourth year of this Engineering course in Electrical Engineering - with a Production Systems Engineering option, in Delhi, India. Accepted at one of the most renowned institutions in the world, the Indian Institute of Technology, he diligently attended lessons every morning. With his afternoons "free", he took the opportunity to work at the department of the company specialising in embedded systems which recruited him to the position of Project Assistant. It was as part of this role that he began studying a communication management project for Urban Transport.


With a hunger for new discoveries, Quentin travels as much as he can. As someone who is highly independent, he always found work to finance his travels, even spending the summer as a warehouseman in a supermarket or a service technician at an ice rink. Wherever he goes, Italy, the UK, Germany, he never tires of exploring different ways to live, work and think. Before his year in Asia, he had already crossed the United States from east to west, by car. Quentin always comes back with new photos of this world that has been opened up to him. "I am passionate about photography. I like to catch a moment, an illustration of life. I believe that a good photo should reflect a lifestyle. I like spending time with people, talking to them, finding out how they live... and then taking a picture showing what they do.”

Starting point

Quentin's career has only just begun. After some consulting assignments as Management & IT Consultant for a firm in the South of France, a few months ago, he joined ENGIE Ineo's Graduate Program which trains engineers in situ for their future profession. And off he was again in search of new horizons. "The first assignment I was given during my Graduate Program was to develop the satellite communications network in Egypt." Quentin hopes the next step will be a full-time position somewhere abroad.

"I would love to work in another country. Developing and directing digital projects focusing on decentralised energy production and industrial optimisation.”

Changing our software

Quentin wants to make things happen. Concerned about the facing us now, he is determined to take action. With complete clear-headedness, he realises that to convince others to change their behaviour, he must lead by example. "It's certainly a bit utopian, but I would really love to improve people's way of thinking. Sometimes I despair when I see people's stupidity, my own and that of others. To solve problems, I think we should be able to sit around a table and discuss things rationally.  I don't know if it's possible to change certain traits of human nature, but surely we can try! And so, I start with myself.”

Quentin always tries to do his best and get something out of every situation, even the most difficult ones. He believes that during a lifetime you learn something new every day, often from others.

"I am convinced that we are currently experiencing a critical period in terms of energy. ENGIE must be able to lead the transition and not to be merely a spectator. For this we need to develop new types of energy and a new way to manage them.”

On his own level, the young engineer is determined to play his part, to drive innovative projects in terms of energy transition and contribute to their implementation to help the world move forward and improve. The other cause that he wants to become involved in is climate. Quentin is convinced that the world needs to completely change its modes of production and consumption of energy. "We can no longer think about it in an individualistic or nationalist way, but we must instead think about it in terms of the whole of humanity." Well said.

Introducing Quentin Dumas, Assistant Business Manager