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The current change to the energy model provides a wealth of opportunities

Roméo certainly doesn't do things by halves! After negotiating some major long-term contracts to ensure a sustainable and competitive supply of natural gas, he supported industry giants to optimise their consumption and accelerate their energy transition.

During his ten years working in every part of the energy world, Roméo has left no stone unturned. Originally from Alsace, he had the desire to broaden his horizons from a very young age and made the decision to expand his engineering training at the Royal Institute of Technology in Stockholm, specialising in energy fields. At the age of just 23, this openness led him to be fluent in five languages: French, German, Alsatian, English and Swedish. And he chose to apply the knowledge he had acquired at Gaz de France. As a Gas Dispatching Operations executive, Roméo helped to establish a competitive and optimised gas logistics management for the Group. He worked in seven European countries, including Germany. His taste for an international dimension drove him to go further still. Three years later, when he arrived in the "Long Term Gas" department of the Energy Europe business line of GDF SUEZ, the only thing he was missing was skills in the Russian language to be able to fluently negotiate natural gas supply contracts with the giant Gazprom. No problem! He learned the Cyrillic alphabet. "The many hours of negotiations with the Russians are likely to remain some of the most intense experiences and emotions that I can remember!" The volumes involved are significant: more than 10 billion M3 a year. Roméo had to consider all the risk factors. He secured long-term contracts in collaboration with the Group's legal and financial experts, and specialists in asset management. Their synergy was to greatly enhance the development of a partnership between the two groups and the bilateral relationship between their leaders and the Russian and French authorities.

Less carbon

Roméo then became Key Account Manager within Global Energy, the business entity dedicated to providing energy to large European manufacturers for ENGIE. His role was to understand the challenges facing his customers and to support them to optimise their consumption and accelerate their energy transition.

Today, his position at ENGIE Cofely allows him to be fully involved in energy transition. "I wanted to put my skills to work for my convictions. In concrete terms, this means building upstream alternatives and complementary solutions for energy production and management at ENGIE Cofely that meet the basic requirements of our customers in terms of comfort, safety and reliability." He works particularly hard to build new solutions for developing "energy communities". His job is to detect new opportunities arising from major changes in the current energy model to move towards much more decentralised energy production. In his everyday work, he taps into traditional activities to ensure it generates additional value. The aim is to define new customer services solutions: energy efficiency, energy supply, digital innovations and therefore help to shape a more carbon neutral world. "My work involves subjects that are at the heart of the energy challenges of the future, and I am lucky to have an operational role, dealing with all sorts of different issues: legal, technical, commercial, financial and more. We try to understand the underlying trends and to find new solutions that will be most beneficial to our customers.”

All the links in the chain

Roméo's variety of experiences have led him to interact with a diverse range of different stakeholders: these include large producers of gas, traders, pipeline operators along with operators of energy installations in factories or regulatory authorities. He therefore has a clear vision of the entire energy chain, both internally and externally. Successive roles have also expanded the scope of his technical engineering skills with openings into law, negotiations and innovation. The subjects and themes that he comes across in his everyday work fascinate him. "Very often the day ends with a real sense of satisfaction because collectively we have moved our ideas and projects forward. In the fields I work in, it is vital to keep moving.”

The richness and diversity of the discussions I have with my colleagues in the group working on different but interwoven tasks is also a key driver.”


Looking further ahead

After enjoying gliding in his youth, Roméo's passion now is for piloting powered aeroplanes. He is methodically accumulating his flight hours until he can obtain his licence. A licence that he's sure to use to push new boundaries.

"My entire career has a strong international, or rather multi-cultural, dimension, with a solid focus on understanding internal and external issues." In his profession, just as when he's at the controls of his aeroplane, he chooses the safest routes and demonstrates composure, preparation and responsiveness to look far ahead while staying in control of the operational details. "I must always be focused on the objectives and my success comes from sharing these with my community of internal and external contributors." Roméo's great energy and persuasive passion are undoubtedly key factors in the progress he makes. 

Meet Roméo Meyer, Head of distributed generation and renewable energy product line at ENGIE