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What if every day was a new opportunity to excel?

Going to work every morning as if you were competing in the Olympics: that's what motivates Steve Djob. An engineer by training, a high-level sports competitor and a customer relations champion, Steve discovered his passion for marketing through his commitment to the voluntary sector. Proof positive that we can be ambitious and care for others simultaneously.

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together."

Steve Djob's motto says much about his philosophy of life. In anticipating the expectations of his customers and winning new contracts, this young man nurtures his team spirit. Going the extra mile, self-denial, tenacity and mutual support; it is these sporting values that drive his charisma and will to win.

Head and legs

Even as a small child, Steve was always as strongly attracted by the world of energy as the world of sport. "I'm originally from Africa. Energy is very important in Africa, because not everyone has access to it. And the most universal form of energy is sport!" Armed with his school leaver qualification, and after an intensive foundation degree, he studied materials engineering at Polytech Paris UPMC. Combining theory with physical training, he studied hard and trained six times a week on the athletics track. But that's not all! "I was very involved in the voluntary sector through the sports office, and I discovered a real appetite for sales, marketing, management and event promotion strategy". To encourage more students to take part in sport, Steve launched the idea of hosting two afternoon get-togethers a year...

And Inter-Faculty Tournament (Tournoi Inter Spécialités or TIS) was born. Steve never tires of recalling how he motivated the right people and took care of all the marketing details, from finding competitors to charging spectators, self-service pancakes during the tournament, retailing faculty T-shirts, etc. Competitors and supporters all got on board. "It's become an enormous festival now, attracting more than 500 people every time!" On the strength of this success, Steve convinced the graduate school management team to allocate a budget to the TIS. He even got himself elected to the council of the institution to have his say in the decision-making process. "We had to put together a dozen teams, provide competitors with licenses, etc. It turned into a real SME!"


Since his course contained an international element, Steve then took off to Montreal. At university, his research work was focused on photovoltaic solutions. And to quench his thirst for performance, he joined the Row to Podium program of the Quebec rowing team with the aim of competing in this year's Rio Olympics. The agreement signed with a Toronto-based laboratory, which would have allowed him to complete his end-of-study internship in Canada and pursue his dream of an Olympic medal, sadly came to nothing. Steve then made the sensible choice and returned to Europe to complete his education. Having graduated as an engineer, his next goal was a Management Masters at the NEOMA business school (formed out of the merger between the Reims and Rouen business schools) specializing in Business Development & Key Account Management. To fund his studies, he approached ENGIE. "The Group believed in me and in my internship project. It was a win-win partnership in which I studied three days out of every three weeks. In return, ENGIE Réseaux had the benefit of my twin technical and sales skills as input to a wide variety of projects, from heating network densification to building the sales strategy for generating individual heating bills for occupants of buildings with collective heating systems in response to a change in legislation, and improving satisfaction among urban and local authority customers, which own their district heating networks."

A daily challenge

Now Healthcare Sales Engineer at ENGIE Cofely based in Puteaux, Steve manages a large portfolio of retirement home and nursing home customers. His mission is to sell services that improve energy and environmental performance. These include energy management and HVAC (Heating, Ventilation & Air Conditioning) maintenance to improve costs and performance, Facility Management services (for landscaped areas, waste treatment, etc.) and fire safety systems. "It's a very dynamic job, and requires a great deal of tenacity. You have to be vigilant and patient, you have to listen constantly to what your customers are telling you, and you have to monitor every contract, regardless of its size, with the same attention to detail to protect the reputation and image of ENGIE. Even the largest oak trees grow from small acorns!" Steve always stresses the importance of the human factor, not only with customers, but also with operations teams. "Showing empathy is essential. HVAC systems are crucial in homes for the elderly. I pay a lot of attention to creating real relationships so that I can fully understand their needs and provide the right services. The technicians I hand over to must then be able to deliver that." His experience of team sport is clearly an asset. "For the boat to perform well, we must all row together. I explain to them that my future depends on them, and their future depends on me! If they do their job well, we can go further with that customer. It's all a question of synergy."

When you ask him what he likes best about his job, Steve has no hesitation in answering: "The desire to improve the daily lives of other people. Of course, there's also the financial aspect and the pleasure of creating wealth. But I also get satisfaction from taking action to protect our planet by reducing energy consumption and providing energy solutions that cut greenhouse gas emissions. We all need to save energy, so that everyone in the world can have some." Solid gold sales propositions!


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