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ENGIE at MIPIM from march 14 to 17, 2017

The 28th edition of France’s largest international fair for property and construction sector professionals and elected officials will take place at the Palais des Festivals in Cannes, from March 14 to 17, 2017. Four days devoted to innovative solutions for everything from smart buildings to the design of connected, sustainable cities. ...

What’s MIPIM 2017? It’s four days of networking, activities and conferences based on the biggest current property development projects!

This year’s MIPIM (Marché International des Professionnels de l’Immobilier) opens on March 14. As a partner of sustainable urban development, ENGIE will be participating in this unmissable event for the real estate sector. The Group will take advantage of the ideal opportunity not only to present its solutions for designing innovative cities that are safer and more sustainable, but also to seal new partnerships.

Taking part in the event for the 4th time, ENGIE will have a space in the Innovation Forum at the Palais des Festivals which will be a meeting place for partners, sales teams and customers, as well as a showcase for ENGIE’s innovative offers, which include:

  • ACCENT: an innovative solution to “bulk” the energy renovation of buildings. A collaborative platform intended for local authorities and stakeholders involved in the energy transition, the project is supported by the Climate KIC is being implemented by ENGIE in four pilot cities.
  • Vertuoz Pilot: a solution for optimizing consumption capable of finding a balance between energy performance and the comfort of occupants.
  • Vertuoz Born’Elec: a global solution for charging electric vehicles and managing the energy consumption of the charging stations
  • The OptiClean solution: office cleaning (workspaces, workshops, meeting rooms, etc.), which represents a heavy cost for companies, can now be optimized. OptiClean, a smart management solution for office cleaning, is based on a network of sensors and an app that informs cleaning teams whether a room needs cleaning on the basis of the real use the room has received. New versions are currently being developed which aim to do away with sensors and/or to leave it to occupants to decide whether or not to trigger the cleaning of their offices.
  • TuttiPiano: a system that helps improve the comfort of co-workers shared spaces (offices, workshops, meeting rooms) by encouraging them to respect each others’ acoustic comfort. The first version of this system is based on a Philips Hue lamp which changes color according to the level of ambient sound and the level of occupation: an intense red, for instance, indicates that the level of sound is too high for the occupation of the room
  • Organic photovoltaic films designed by Heliatek, a German industrial start-up which receives financial support from the venture capital fund, ENGIE New Ventures. This technology corresponds to ENGIE’s ambition to meet the growing demand for buildings with zero CO2.
  • PowerZee: an eco-responsible app that raises people’s awareness of energy savings. Using the principle of gamification, the app is intended to incite students on a university campus to reduce their energy consumption by encouraging eco-friendly actions (turning off lights, doing without air conditioning, using the stairs, etc.) and promoting a collective approach to energy efficiency (by setting challenges).
  • A model of methanization: this represents the entire value chain of methanization, from the collection of bio-waste to conversion into fuel and energy.

The ENGIE conference: How to empower cities and real estate players to improve quality of life and work, from 3.00 to 5.00 pm on March 16, 2017

Re-thinking real estate involves new technology, and also means redesigning how decisions are made and maximizing the human qualities of our spaces

ENGIE takes a holistic approach to assessing performance and enhancing wellbeing. ENGIE has innovative solutions for urban planning while using data better – from collection to visualization.

  • Speakers 3.00-3.45 pm:

Olivier Biancarelli, Head of Decentralized Solutions for Cities and Territories, ENGIE

Laurent Bouillot, PhD, Chairman and CEO, Siradel

  • Speakers 4.15-5.00 pm:

Franck Bruel, Executive Vice President, ENGIE, member of the Executive Committee, head of the France BtoB BU

Gilles Allard, Group Real Estate Director, ENGIE

Carole Le Gall, Building Renovation Key Program Director, ENGIE

Cécile de Guillebon, Vice President Real Estate and FM, Renault Nissan

Bertrand Gstalder, PDG de SeLoger 

Tom Warburton, Directeur du Développement et de l’Investissement, Newcastle City Council

ENGIE attended the MIPIM 2017
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