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"Beauty of Energy by ENGIE": discover energy transition with a new look!

As a leader in the energy transition, ENGIE's role is to make the energy sector and its challenges accessible to the general public. With its "Beauty of Energy" Tumblr, illustrated in collaboration with the Curioos artist collective, ENGIE invites you to take a new look at the world of energy by representing keywords relating to the energy transition in images.

  • "Natural gas" by ENGIE

    Natural gas is easy to store and to transport, and can reduce CO2 emissions by up to a half by comparison with other fossil energies. A long-established specialist in the field, the ENGIE Group is a leader in all parts of the natural gas chain and it is developing innovative solutions throughout the sector. © Danny Ivan via

  • "Crowdfunding" by ENGIE

    Through a gift, an award, a loan or an investment, participative funding has become an effective way of fighting against climate change at local level. The crowdfunding projects introduced by ENGIE for developing wind farms and photovoltaic plants are perfect examples. © Hyo Kim via

  • "Microalgae" by ENGIE

    Through photosynthesis, microalgae make it possible to convert solar energy into oxygen and biomass. The Salinalgue project, which is supported by ENGIE, cultivates microalgae for the production of biodiesel and biomethane. © Mike Karlos via

  • "Concentrated solar power" by ENGIE

    A concentrated solar power (CSP) plant captures solar radiation and uses it to transform water into steam at high temperature and produce electricity. Thanks to thermal storage the plant can continue producing steam after the sun has set. © KOM BOH via

  • "Energy transition" by ENGIE

    Energy transition and eco-districts: innovative solutions exist to create urban development projects adapted to the energy transition. © Kim Hyo via

  • Check out “Beauty of Energy” on Tumblr

    Beauty of Energy: an illustrative way to approach energy transition's topics and its challenges to the general public.

ENGIE invites you to take a new look at the energy transition and its solutions in keywords and images: discover the new face of energy with the Curioos artist collective !

Energy and its challenges, both technical and environmental, societal and economic, are key topics in the news and in our daily lives. These topics require educational and clear information to be provided to a wide audience.

Because understanding is the first step towards action, ENGIE has launched "Beauty of Energy" designed a series of visual and educational content to give consumers all the tools they need to understand the challenges of the energy transition and the solutions developed by the Group. The site's purpose is to explain the energy transition in a positive and inspiring way and represent energy keywords in images.

Renewable energies, smart grids, power to gas, innovations, cities and mobility, etc. – each energy keyword is illustrated by an original and attractive image, created in collaboration with the Curioos collective of digital artists from more than 80 countries. The Tumblr will be added to each week with new illustrations to form an ABC of the energy transition.

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