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Compressed natural gas boosts sustainable mobility in Belgium

On November 16, ENORA, a company formed by ENGIE Electrabel, G&V Energy Group and the Picardy Wallonia Inter-Communal Development Agency (Ideta), opened its seventh compressed natural gas (CNG) filling station in Belgium. The company is increasingly active in promoting the use of this environmentally-friendly fuel.

In March 2016, ENGIE undertook to invest roughly €100 million by 2020 in installing filling stations in Europe for compressed natural gas (CNG) and liquefied natural gas (LNG).

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Motorized transport in Europe accounts for 18% of all greenhouse gas emissions, so the choice of more eco-friendly vehicles is becoming a priority for individuals, companies and local authorities. This is the case in Belgium, where inhabitants have chosen to adopt compressed natural gas (CNG). ENGIE set up ENORA as a means of providing support for this initiative.

Benefits for the environment

CNG is, along with electricity, one of the green mobility solutions: its air-pollution level is very low (95% lower fine particulate emissions), it has lower CO2 emissions than both gasoline (27% less) and diesel fuel (12% less), and fuel supplies are not delivered to filling stations by truck but via the underground natural gas network. Among other non-negligible benefits, CNG has a lower pump price than diesel fuel and CNG vehicles are more silent.

An expanding infrastructure

A prerequisite for the development of CNG is the availability of a network of filling stations. ENORA was set up to develop, install and operate CNG filling stations in Belgium. The company began creating a network of the country in 2015: seven filling stations are already in operation, including five in Wallonia. Following Bruges, Nivelles, Zellik, Ollignies, Mouscron and Tournai, the most recent filling station was opened in November in Jemappes. Two additional filling stations in the region (in Soignies and Mont-sur-Marchienne) are scheduled for opening early in 2017. And this is only the beginning: a feasibility study for the expansion of the network of filling stations in Luxembourg is already under way.

ENGIE is in no doubt that natural gas mobility has already established itself as the ideal solution in the move toward greener mobility, especially for utility vehicles. The number of filling stations currently available throughout Europe for CNG (3,000) and LNG* (75) is poised to grow rapidly.

* liquefied natural gas

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