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ENGIE at the Consumer Electronics Show - Day 1: connected objects for the corporate world

Innovation by ENGIE. The Consumer Electronics Show (CES) for tech innovation has just opened in Las Vegas! Alongside today's most important tech trends and the connected objects of tomorrow that will revolutionize our daily lives, ENGIE offers you a glimpse behind the scenes of this unmissable digital forum. Here's our take on Day 1!

More than 220,000 square meters of exhibitor stand space! Running from January 6 to 9, CES 2016 is the global showcase for innovative tech products and services.

Follow the event live with ENGIE!


Checking and monitoring the food we eat, our exercise regime or our consumption of electricity... connected objects are everywhere. Although they give us a new perspective on our own daily lives and the resulting opportunity to change the way we behave for the better, they can also be very useful to companies. Take Sigfox for example...

SIGFOX: a network dedicated to the Internet of Things

The ENGIE stand features Toulouse-based startup SIGFOX, the company with which ENGIE developed the first network dedicated to the Internet of Things last July. This new type of network offers global cellular connectivity in the form of a low power wide area network for connected objects using a simple, energy efficient infrastructure. Already deployed in 12 countries - the majority in Western Europe and the USA - the SIGFOX network can connect billions of objects coexisting in the worlds of industry and services.

ENGIE has used this network as part of contributing to the development of building energy optimization solutions. But what we see now is just the beginning, because in the future, we can expect to see all objects being connected to each other to improve industrial processes, cut operating costs or minimize unproductive periods. Between now and 2018, more than 100,000 objects will become connected in this way, enabling the Group to save energy and develop new services to make buildings smarter and therefore more efficient.



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