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ENGIE at the Consumer Electronics Show - Day 3: tomorrow's homes and buildings

Innovation by ENGIE. From the most eagerly awaited to the most eccentric, all the latest hi-tech innovations are showcased at the Consumer Electronics Show (CES), the world's largest tech fair. Here, you'll see that today's startups aren't short on inventiveness when it comes to controlling energy consumption, controlling systems remotely or optimizing comfort in the design of tomorrow's homes!

The ENGIE camera has been covering the aisles of exhibitors at CES to bring you the latest emerging technologies for domestic comfort and convenience.

Which technologies will revolutionize your home? Find out with ENGIE!


Automatic eco-mode switching for heating systems, lighting controlled by presence detectors and energy consumption management… these are just some of the new functions you can expect to find in a smart home. So what's the point? The point is that these technologies allow you to control your energy consumption to save energy, regardless of whether you're at home or on the other side of the world.

To keep you up-to-date with the key trends in smart homes, ENGIE offers you an animated overview of the latest developments !

Focus on Homnistat, the smart thermostat that manages your heating budget

Imagine a home with the ability to adjust its own indoor temperature in response to your presence or changes in the weather so that your living environment is perfect for you. That's exactly what the Homnistat smart thermostat promises. It takes account of your home insulation level, the weather outside and even your presence or absence to make sure your home gets precisely the heating input it needs... and no more! Better yet, this thermostat optimizes your energy consumption to make sure you stay within your heating budget. The Homnistat prototype has been developed out of the ENGIE in-house business incubator that gives Group employees the opportunity to bring forward and implement their own innovative ideas.

Tendril: personalized solutions that reflect your own energy consumption profile

US startup Tendril is developing energy services management solutions built around data gathering and analysis. How does it work? It uses a flexible and adaptable cloud-hosted open software platform to bridge the gap between energy providers and consumers. The data gathered is used to design customized energy management solutions for millions of customers!

As part of gaining a clearer understanding of the specific needs of its European customers and providing them with personalized energy services management, ENGIE will be investing in this startup next month.

CES 2016 - Episode 3 : habitat et bâtiments de demain
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