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ENGIE sponsors access to culture for everyone

Making culture more accessible to everyone is a “harmony project” for ENGIE, which runs different cultural sponsorship projects worldwide to achieve this (museums, exhibitions, palace renovations etc.).

The Atelier des Lumières – a Culturespaces venue to be inaugurated on 12 April 2018

  • © Culturespaces / E. Spiller.
  • © Culturespaces / E. Spiller.
  • © Culturespaces / E. Spiller.
  • © Culturespaces / E. Spiller.

The Group’s commitments to cultural venues are both social, through teaching programmes with the ENGIE Foundation, and technical, through our facilities management and digitalisation businesses.

ENGIE is a committed, united, innovative and expert company.

Our long-standing position in cultural sponsorship, both in France and worldwide, is a testament to this. We can offer many examples including the Louvre museum, the Palais de Tokyo, the Paris Opera, the Greek Opera, the Museum of Tomorrow in Rio, the Louvre in Abu Dhabi, the Magritte Museum in Brussels and city illuminations.

Culturespaces, a subsidiary of the Group, is opening a new art venue on 13 April: the Atelier des Lumières, the first digital and immersive art centre in Paris.

Located in a former foundry in the 11th arrondissement of Paris, between Bastille and Nation, the Atelier des Lumières will showcase epic immersive exhibitions. Featuring 120 video projectors and a spatialised sound system, the highly unique multimedia equipment will cover a total surface area of 3,300 sq. metres extending from floor to ceiling, with walls of up to ten metres in height. The first exhibition will be dedicated to Gustav Klimt and his contemporaries.

The ENGIE Foundation supports the “Art en Immersion” (art in immersion) teaching programme run by the Atelier des Lumières and aimed at 2,000 children (in schools, hospitals and neighbourhood associations).

Culturespaces is committed to making culture more accessible to young people and giving them a taste for our heritage. Teaching projects are developed in close consultation with local universities and partner teachers to ensure they meet the requirements of the school curriculum as closely as possible.

Culturespaces, a subsidiary of ENGIE, specialises in the global management of cultural heritage. For over 20 years, the company has been promoting and managing museums, monuments and exceptional cultural venues for public institutions. With 13 establishments and 250 employees, Culturespaces welcomes over 2.7 million visitors a year.

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