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ENGIE Electrabel launches a solar photovoltaic option for homeowners in Belgium

Efficient, custom-made solar panels for everyone... That's what ENGIE Electrabel is now able to offer homeowners in Belgium. Regardless of whether they are ENGIE customers or not, everyone in the country can now have their own custom-made photovoltaic installation, complete with real-time monitoring of electricity generated and consumed.

The cost of photovoltaic installations has fallen by 70% over the last eight years. That's great news for Belgian energy consumers, who can now benefit directly from ENGIE expertise to make their homes more comfortable and more energy-efficient.

  • In Belgium, domestic customers can now manage their home energy consumption by opting for the boxx solution!
  • ENGIE Electrabel launches a solar photovoltaic option for homeowners in Belgium

Solar power now offers a more viable alternative to fossil fuel-generated energy than ever before. According to the International Energy Agency (IEA), photovoltaic could generate 25% of the electricity consumed in Belgium. It is for reasons like these that ENGIE has embarked on a far-reaching process of transformational change designed to establish the Group as the leading stakeholder in the energy transition. In conjunction with US solar power specialist Sungevity, the ENGIE Group has developed an offer tailored to deliver new benefits to Belgian consumers.

"There were 100,000 new installations in Belgium in 2011, but only 10,000 in 2014. But forecasts are on the upside, and we expect to return to the 20,000 installations per year level. We're backing the development of a more decentralized model of energy generation. And we're helping to drive that development by offering customers more options and facilities," explains Annick Rossey, Head of Sales & Marketing at ENGIE Electrabel.

A comprehensive service, from custom design to installation

The ENGIE Electrabel photovoltaic package offers Belgian consumers up to 17% efficiency, depending on where they live and the specification of their house roof. Designed in conjunction with Sungevity, this package is built around two essential services:

  • An installation service that includes fitting new solar panels using an innovative approach. The combination of Sungevity-designed  software and satellite imagery allows customers to view alternative installation simulations in real time on their own PC screen. In a phone call, a specialist then outlines the choice of hardware, discusses the estimated level of power generation, and discusses the potential savings on energy bills going forward. An installation appointment is then made.
  • A fast-response, high-quality repair service for existing installations using a network of trusted local specialists selected and appointed by ENGIE Electrabel.

The ultimate goal: a better way of consuming energy

Accelerating the energy transition in Belgium is not the only goal of this initiative. It also provides homeowners with a better way of consuming energy, and a better understanding of where their energy costs are concentrated. In practical terms, the ENGIE Electrabel photovoltaic installation package will bring together the boxx smart home control hub with hi-tech solar panels. Homeowners will then be able to monitor the electricity they generate and consume in real time, and therefore estimate the savings they will make on their energy bills.

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