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Sustainable city: enormous technology park planned for the Moroccan desert

83,000 square meters of living-roofed tents in the Moroccan desert. That's the architectural project announced by King Mohammed VI to help his country commit to the process of demographic and energy transition. With 36 years of experience in Morocco, ENGIE tells you more about this new-generation, fully sustainable technology park.

Work on this new architectural development 18 kilometers south of Laâyoune will begin next year, and will use fully sustainable water and energy management technologies.

  • The Tarfaya facility is Africa's largest wind farm (301 MW).

By 2050, the population of Africa will have grown to 2.5 billion. As part of its response to this demographic emergency, the Moroccan government decided to create a completely new living environment in the desert community of Foum el Oued. Its ambition is to build a sustainable city for future generations that is economical in its use of materials and energy.

Optimized management of water and energy

The future Foum el Oued technology park will achieve self-sufficiency thanks to a wastewater and waste materials recycling system. Its aim is to achieve 'zero waste' in time for the official opening of the complex in June 2018. The center will also feature an 83,000 square meter living roof above the campus of the future Mohammed VI Polytechnic University in Laayoune. By 2018, 2,500 students and researchers are expected to be working here on Saharan environmental research projects.

This ambitious project will contribute to the fast-growing economic and social development of the region, and to the development of other sustainable cities on the continent of Africa. Total cost of construction: €62.5 billion.

Africa paves the way for the energy transition

Having maintained a constant presence in Morocco since 1980, ENGIE is now a major player in the Moroccan energy landscape. The Group makes a significant contribution to national energy strategy through the development of renewable energy sources. Since 2015, ENGIE has been jointly managing Africa's largest (301 MW) wind farm at Tarfaya.

The development of sustainable cities like the one in Foum el Oued is therefore a major challenge for ENGIE, which is also closely involved in the development of solar power on the African continent.

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