ENGIE, OCI and EEW announce their partnership on the HyNetherlands project in the Netherlands

By ENGIE - 10 May 2022 - 17:21

ENGIE, OCI, Europe's leading producer of methanol, and EEW, a leading company in the production of electricity and heat from waste-to-energy, announced on May 9, 2022 their collaboration on the HyNetherlands (HyNL) project, in the north of the Netherlands (province of Groningen).


A major project for renewable hydrogen in the Netherlands, HyNetherlands aims to develop, build and operate one of the first large-scale industrial value chains in Europe for the production of e-methanol, combining renewable hydrogen and biogenic CO2

The first phase of the project, which directly involves ENGIE, will see the construction, on the site of the Eems power plant in Eemshaven, of a new 100 MW electrolysis facility, five times larger than the existing plants on the market. Fuelled by renewable electricity production from offshore wind fields in the North Sea, it will produce the renewable hydrogen needed to produce e-methanol and for the local mobility and industrial sectors.

The HyNL project also links two other industrial sites: the Delfzijl chemical park in Farmsum (OCI's BioMCN methanol plant) and the waste-to-energy plant in Farmsum (where EEW’s biogenic carbon capture plant from the flue gases of the production lines will be integrated).

With HyNL, ENGIE and its partners are leading the decarbonisation of the industrial and transport sectors in the area. The aim is to increase electrolyser production capacity from 100 MW in 2025 to 1.85 GW in the early 2030s. 

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