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Innovation Week - Day 3

On Wednesday, June 8, ENGIE Innovation Week focused on the cities of tomorrow that will be home to 60% of the world's population. Innovative digital, mobility and urban development solutions already exist to help build these future communities.

The city of the future will be decentralized and energy efficient, thanks to innovations in digital technology.

The cities of France celebrate green innovation

Innovation was the hot topic of the day throughout France! ENGIE headquarters in La Défense hosted two events: an exhibition of energy industry innovations and the 'City 3.0' technology marketplace.

During the day, Erik Orsenna chaired the third round table session of the week in the eighth arrondissement of Paris to discuss the same theme. "Digital technology, mobility, space and construction: it is with all these bricks that we will build the space in which two-thirds of the world's population will soon be living," explained this distinguished member of the Académie française.

In Orléans, start-ups did stand-up at the Loiret Chamber of Commerce and Industry. Marseille hosted an Innovation Morning event in partnership with business startup accelerator P. Factory.

ENGIE has launched a call for projects as part of the project to renovate the infrastructures of Lille 1 University of science and technology, where 25,000 people work and study every day. The aim is to offer new sustainable mobility solutions for students to replace cars. For a campus university covering 110 hectares, this is a considerable challenge!

In Le Havre, ENGIE Cofely announced the winner of its call for projects: a plan to develop a platform of services for employees. So congratulations to Jobbers, the winning team! In Soisson, a seminar was held to discuss two issues crucial to the region: Smart Cities and Social Entrepreneurship. At the same time, the audience was able to explore the fascinating and interactive Makers Village, where the program included 3D animations and augmented reality.

Innovation and digital technology around the world

In the UK metropolitan Borough of North Tyneside, the ENGIE teams presented their future city innovations to local stakeholders.

In Mumbai, India, The Group's Middle East, South Asia and Central Asia division ENGIE MESCAT took part in the government-sponsored Digital India program to equip the country with a sufficient level of digital resources.

In Rome, Italy, ENGIE employees met to discuss a major challenge answering the question: "How can we integrate innovation into our business?"

The Brussels office of ENGIE hosted an exhibition devoted to the Internet of Things. Those interested to find out more did not go away disappointed!

BEST OF DAY #3 - innovWeek ENGIE
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