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Innovation Week - Day 4

How could innovations change our daily lives? That was the central question addressed during Day 4 of ENGIE Innovation Week on Thursday June 9.

Day 4 of this year's ENGIE Innovation Week surveyed some of the new technologies that will transform our daily lives.

How innovation could change our daily lives in France...

Day 4 began with a breakfast meeting to meet the Innovation Awards winners, followed by a marketplace hosted at ENGIE's La Défense headquarters to showcase technology developments that are transforming our daily lives.

The Innovation roundtable discussion chaired by Erik Orsenna addressed the same issues. As these innovations change our lives on a daily basis, they also put the user back in the driving seat: "The user became the customer, then the customer became the consumer, and now the consumer has become the actively engaged consumer," explained the Academician.

Thursday also saw the launch of Futur en Seine with simultaneous events at the Gaîté Lyrique, the 3rd arrondissement town hall and the Carreau du Temple. ENGIE used the event to showcase Vertuoz, its solution for improved building energy and environmental performance.

Events were also held in many other French cities. In Quimper, a series of conferences on innovation at regional level attracted a large audience. A similar event was equally popular in the Alsace region, which was recently awarded the French Tech label. As a partner of local authorities within the region ENGIE hosted roundtable discussions at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Strasbourg to bring the Group together with local stakeholders. Another roundtable event was held for startups and students and ENGIE in Toulouse to talk about innovation in the regions.

The Open Innovation meeting on support for innovative projects hosted in Ajaccio, Corsica, was the outcome of the happy coincidence that ENGIE and Corsica innovation weeks ran side-by-side this year, giving them the opportunity to organize a joint event!

In Angers, a Smart Cities forum looked at the role of connected objects in the cities of tomorrow. At the same time in Lille, the Nord de France Chamber of Commerce and Industry got together with ENGIE - which together plan to set up a 'Third Industrial Revolution' investment fund - to receive pitches from startups committed to facilitating the energy transition.

At Mureaux, near Paris, startups with the focus for Seine Energy Labs.

... and worldwide!

In Brussels, a series of workshop sessions explained how to go about 'energizing your business'. The agenda included an introduction to new ways for kick-starting innovation, with the emphasis on the use of incubators to fast-track innovative solutions.

In Muscat, capital of the Sultanate of Oman, ENGIE showcased its technologies at the Energy & Water Summit.

In Los Altos, California, ENGIE subsidiary company Green Charge Networks presented its solutions for battery storage; an issue essential for the continued development of renewables.

Events launched at the beginning of the week also continued yesterday: in Rome, the focus was on ways of integrating innovation into companies; at Greentown Labs in Boston, ENGIE showcased its new projects; and in Buenos Aires, the innovation workshop sketched the outlines of tomorrow's world.

Best of Day #4 - innovweek ENGIE
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