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Le Mag Thailand special: contributing to economic growth and responding to the country's energy needs

With 3% annual growth, Thailand is enjoying an economic boom, and is now the second most powerful Southeast Asian economy. The GDF SUEZ subsidiaries based here are involved in developing many projects in response to the country's growing energy needs. Find out more about the Group in Thailand.

Maythavee Ongusaha, Human Resources Talent Associate at GDF SUEZ Asia-Pacific, takes us first to Thailand's largest industrial site at Map Ta Phut, southeast of Bangkok. This is where GDF SUEZ subsidiary GLOW operates its largest Thai power generating units: 6 natural gas-fired power and steam generating units, 3 water treatment plants, and Gheco-One, one of the world's most efficient coal-fired generating plants in terms of its atmospheric emissions.

Le Mag then takes us on a tour of the Platinum Fashion Mall in Bangkok, a colossal shopping center visited by 50,000 shoppers every day. Cofely Thailand has been helping this energy-hungry complex to manage its consumption since 2013, using smart solutions that deliver energy savings and reduce CO2 emissions. The center's energy bill for air conditioning has already been reduced by more than 20%.Fifty industrial and commercial clients in and around Bangkok rely on Cofely in using, maintaining and efficiently managing their energy networks. These services respond directly to the issues of sustainable development here, because Thailand has introduced wide-ranging energy efficiency policies to limit national expenditure on energy.

As an active contributor not only to economic development, but also to social development in Thailand, the Group is directly involved with local communities and environmental protection initiatives. So the tour concludes with a visit to the English Camp, an innovative educational project run in partnership with GLOW, which helps children to learn English while having fun. Around 1,800 children have benefited from this enjoyable learning experience since 2008. 


LE MAG Thailand special

Video magazine dedicated to GDF SUEZ news and anchored by an employee of the Group. 26th edition in Bangkok, with Maythavee Ongusaha, Human Resources Talent Associate at GDF SUEZ Energy Asia-Pacific. Contents: Glow's activities in the industrial zone of Map Ta Phut in Thailand, and focus on the Glow power plant of Gheco-One, one of the coal-fired power plants the most efficient at international level in terms of emissions into the atmosphere ; Energy management by Cofely in the mall of Platinum Fashion Mall ; The English Camp, an educational workshop that allows children to learn English while having fun.

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