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Visit of the GLOW Gheco-One unit on the Map Ta Phut industrial park in Thailand

With 3% annual growth and a population of 68 million, Thailand is a booming economy with rapidly increasing energy needs. Home to around 100 plants, the Map Ta Phut industrial park south-east of Bangkok illustrates this strong growth and is the place where GLOW's biggest power production plants are located.

GLOW, a GDF SUEZ subsidiary, operates its largest Thai power generating units on the Map Ta Phut industrial park, with a total capacity of 2068 MW. Brendan Wauters, CEO of GLOW: "Map Ta Phut is a key industrial zone in which GLOW is developing its cogeneration business in conjunction with industrial partners that share the same site. (…) What these GLOW customers appreciate most is our reliability. Thanks to the size of our plant, our interconnection and our dedicated transmission lines, we can guarantee reliable supplies of electrical power and steam, both of which are crucial for manufacturing industry."

Chief Operating Officer Isabelle Kocher has visited the Map Ta Phut complex to assess the prospects for GDF SUEZ Group growth in the region. More specifically, she visited the brand-new 630 MW Gheco-One power plant built in response to exceptionally high demand from on-site industrial customers and to support national growth. This coal-fired conventional power plant is one of the most efficient in terms of atmospheric emissions, and complies with the most demanding international regulations. It is accompanied by six natural gas-fired power and steam generating units and three water treatment plants.

GDF SUEZ is a leading partner of the Thai authorities and a respected force in the Southeast Asian market, where it now has excellent prospects for future growth. Jan Flachet, Regional Manager GDF SUEZ Energy Asia-Pacific:"We can say with confidence that demand will more than double over the next 20 years, and we want to be part of that growth. We want to be serving people here. For example, 70% of people in Myanmar are still waiting for a power supply. It's important to provide energy that offers value for money, is reliable and is available to local people."

Energy challenges in Thailand: focus on the Glow Gheco-One power plant

In the Map Ta Phut industrial Estate in Thailand, Glow, GDF SUEZ subsidiary, operates several generation units interconnected, allowing to supply electricity and steam to industrial customers in the region. Isabelle Kocher, Executive Vice-President, Chief Operating Officer, visited the Gheco-One site, one of the coal-fired power plants the most efficient at international level in terms of emissions into the atmosphere. The construction of the new plant was part of the Thailand Energy Development Plan in order to meet the growing demand for electricity in the country.

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