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The COP21 Solutions Exhibition of ENGIE at the Grand Palais in Paris

The COP21 Solutions Exhibition is offering the general public a chance to discover, understand, and take ownership of concrete solutions for a low-carbon society. The event has a single aim: to turn the fight against climate change into an opportunity to invent new habits for everyday life. On 4-10 December 2015, get a taste of the “Climate Experience” at the Grand Palais in Paris, and discover the solutions developed by ENGIE. ...

Some 50,000 visitors are expected over the seven days at the Grand Palais, where they can learn all about the climate change solutions proposed by almost 200 partners, including ENGIE.


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COP21 Solutions: a large scale mobilization of sector players

COP21 Solutions – ENGIE  Over 4-10 December, more than 200 partners and associates from local authorities, the business world, the voluntary sector, research, academia, and institutions will present their “climate solutions” to the public at the Grand Palais, in Paris.

The week’s program includes an exhibition of the solutions, fun, educational workshops, concerts, video screenings, over 350 conferences and 150 TV screens, as well as 150 TV sets. Highlights also include the Trades, Jobs, and Training Forum, and Innovation Night.

Marketplace, innovative products and activities: stop by the ENGIE booth!

The ENGIE booth at the Grand Palais will set up a Marketplace where start-ups can be heard, and the spotlight shone on innovative projects in renewables, energy services, and participative funding.

You can also discover real solutions and innovative prototypes developed by the Group to help the transition to clean energy, in particular the solar-powered race car Indupol One, the air-purifying robot Diya One, a model of the WindTree® (an urban wind power generator), and the interactive Cit’Ease dashboard, an optimized management solution for the cities of the future.

Come to the ENGIE conferences

ENGIE has planned a cycle of conferences about the transition to renewable energy for every day of the week:

  • December 4

- “1, 2, 3 sun! I use what I produce”

  • December 5

- TV Set: “Converting waste into energy”

- “Sea and wind, carbon-free, inexhaustible energies that create new jobs”

- “The internet of things to optimize and adapt energy consumption, driving us forwards on the road to clean energy”

  • December 6

- TV Set: “Raising awareness, changing behaviors”

  • December 7

- TV Set: “Innovative mobility solutions”

- “Capturing and storing CO2 – Case study”

- “Energy renovation of buildings”

- “New natural gas solutions for individuals”

  • December 8

- “LNG fuel, marine transport”

- “Energy saving tips”

  • December 9

- “GAYA: turning wood into bio methane”

- TV Set: “Low carbon mobility at the NGV”

- “What is the reality of sustainable mobility, and what does the technology of the future look like?”

  • December 10

- “Renovation for all”

- “Car-pooling”

There will be free entry to the Grand Palais for the full 7 days, from 4-10 December 2015, 12pm to 6pm weekdays, and 10am to 8pm on weekends. Check out the full program.

About COP21 Solutions

Launched in July 2014 ahead of the COP21, COP21 Solutions is an event designed to promote real climate solutions, backed by Comité 21 and the French Sustainable Development Club, which groups together 120 public and private networks. The aim of the event? To inform the public about the many products, services, processes, and innovative developments that are available or under development to fight against climate change and its impact on the world.


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