Bonus dividend

ENGIE rewards The shareholders’ loyalty

ENGIE proposes a 10% bonus dividend for any registered share (indirectly or directly), for at least two continuous years (full calendar years), up to the dividend payment date.

To receive the loyalty bonus, send this registered form to your bank.
Any share registered before 31/12/2020, will thus benefit in 2023 from the bonus the dividend related to 2022.


Answers to frequently asked questions

What is a bonus dividend?


This is a bonus limited, by law, to 10% of the amount of the dividend paid out for a fiscal year. The bonus dividend is designed to reward loyal shareholders. It involves amending the bylaws by a decision of the Extraordinary General Meeting. For ENGIE case, the decision to amend the bylaws was taken by the Combined General Meeting of April 28, 2014 for a first payout in 2017 related to the financial year 2016.

Who can benefit from the bonus dividend?


Shareholders who have held ENGIE registered shares (indirectly or directly) for at least two continuous years*, up to the dividend payment date. Please note that by law, the bonus dividend is capped for each shareholder at 0.5% of share capital.

I hold registered shares for more than two years. Can I benefit retroactively from the bonus dividend?


No, this measure is not retroactive. The decision applies to shares held for at least two continuous years* from the Combined General Meeting of April 28, 2014.

Why do I have to register my shares to benefit from the bonus dividend?


The law requires that shares be held in registered form, since holding registered shares it’s the only way to identify the shareholder and the duration of the shareholding.

How to register my shares?


It is very simple. You need to send to your financial intermediary an application to convert to indirectly register shares or to switch to directly registered shares. To that end, you can download the standard form or call 0 800 30 00 30 (free calls from a landline in France, Monday to Friday from 9 a.m. to 1 p.m. and from 2 p.m. to 6 p .m.).


Be careful, the registration process can take several weeks depending on the financial institution.

What is the difference between indirectly and directly registered shares?


  • Indirectly registered shares: Your shares remain with your financial intermediary, who manages them. Consequently, the management of your shares is similar to that of « bearer » shares. However, your shares are registered in the ENGIE books.
  • Directly registered shares: Your shares are registered directly in the books of Société Générale Securities Services, manager of the ENGIE shares service. This type of holding shares enables you to benefit from free custody fees and certain normal management fees, specifically fees linked to the payment of dividends and share operation costs (capital increase…).

Are shares held in a « PEA » eligible?


Yes, if you are a French resident, you can benefit from the bonus dividend under your « PEA » by registering your ENGIE shares. However, due to the complexity of managing « PEA » shares, the banks strongly recommend opting for administered registered shares.

What is the typical scheduling of the bonus dividend?


  • Year N: Registration of shares prior to December 31;
  • Years N+1 and N+2: Shares held in the registered form;
  • Years N+3, 4, 5… Distribution of bonus dividend in N+3, then each year if you hold your registered shared.

When the bonus is paid?


The bonus, applied to the entire dividend for the year, is paid out at the same time as the balance of the dividend after the Annual General Meeting. Interim dividends are paid out without bonus. From 2020 and the dividend to paid for fiscal year 2019, the annual dividend and the bonus dividend will be paid in a one time.

What is the taxation on the bonus dividend?


The taxation of the interim dividend is similar to that on dividends.

Switching your shares to registered shares has no impact on the taxation.


*full calendar years


Practical Information


The actions eligible for the dividend have a specific code that identifies the year of payment of the bonus, see below:


ISIN CodeYear of registrationYear of application of the loyalty bonus

Shares already eligible for the bonus prime  









These shares remain transferable in the same way as the shares listed on the main code ENGIE (FR0010208488).


*On 1st January 2019, Euroclear assimilated the shares entered on the value code FR0013215399 ENGIE loyalty bonus 2019 into the value code FR0013215407 ENGIE premium loyalty bonus.