What is SHO?

Only global thinking will be able to respond to the desire for a better way of living. Yet it is still difficult to bring together all those who think about, engage in and design our Habitat.

This is why Cendrine Dominguez, an expert in the sector and head of a specialized company, has created the Sustainable Habitat Observatory in partnership with ENGIE.

SHO is:

The Moyse house

  • A community think-tank for tomorrow’s Habitat.
  • An innovative and multi-disciplinary approach which focuses the know-how of expert psycho-sociologists, economists, architects, town planners, etc.
  • Brainstorming sessions held triannually on the theme of the year.
  • Regular meetings with professionals who are involved in tomorrow’s Habitat.
  • A site for forward-looking analysis, discussion, and sharing on the internet.
  • Experts, professionals, and the public participate on the website to share discussions and benefit from their collective energy.

The mission of SHO

The mission of SHO is to propose innovative solutions and concrete applications for “better ways of living” by:

  • Visiting cities to present its reports in order to unite key figures in the city of tomorrow.
  • Being present at major fairs like the Shanghai 2010 World Expo.

Who are the members of SHO?

The Moyse house

“Living together tomorrow” represents the first time that sociologists, philosophers, scientists, economists, architects, social figures, and political leaders have all put their heads together on the issue of Sustainable Habitat, in order to address together with the general public the question before us today: “How are we all going to live together tomorrow?”

The SHO team:

  • President, Cendrine Dominguez
  • Committee of experts:
    • Monique Eleb, psychologist and sociologist;
    • Sylvie Faucheux, economist;
    • Francine Fort, director of Arc en rêve;
    • Gilles Lipovetsky, philosopher and author;
    • Veronique Willemin, architect and writer.

SHO affiliates:

  • A panel of experts and professionals: including Christine Auclair, Town Planner at the UN-Habitat and elected member on the AFE (Assembly for French Expatriates); Pablo Katz, architect/town planner among others.
  • Support from the French Environment Ministry with Benoist Apparu, Secretary of State in charge of Housing and Urban Affairs to the Minister of the Environment and Sustainable Development and his team.
  • Founding partner: ENGIE.