Patrick Braouezec, Président de la Fondation du Football

What are the aims of the Football Foundation?

“As a source of enjoyment and sharing for the millions of people who play it, football is sometimes influenced by certain excesses in our society, or displays such excesses. This is why the Football Foundation is involved in promoting and restoring a positive view of the most popular sport in France. With the support of GDF SUEZ, we are doing our utmost to take advantage of the educational qualities of the sport in order to support projects that are in the public interest and to encourage research on social innovation through football. Our aim is to promote a positive view of football, to remind people of its educational qualities and to encourage the inclusion of sustainable development in football.”


What are the Football Foundation’s action programs?

“From a practical standpoint, the Football Federation has been devising its own action programs since 2008. Initially, our priority is to help support young people and their families, while we also take care to involve local authorities in a collective project that focuses on the values of citizenship and social solidarity embodied by the sport.”