ENGIE Energy International, a global leader in electricity generation

ENGIE Energy International is one of the world’s leading independent power producers, with 73.2 GW of gross installed power generating capacity in operation and a significant portfolio of projects under development. ENGIE Energy International also has interests in closely related businesses such as LNG terminals, natural gas distribution operations, retail sales and seawater desalination. 

Energy International at a glance

  • Over 12,800 employees around the world
  • 73.2 GW of gross installed power generating capacity (37.7 GW of net installed power generating capacity)
  • 7.3 GW of gross capacity under construction (3 GW of net capacity under construction)
  • Presence in 29 countries
  • World leader in independent power generation with an attractive and diverse range of assets
  • High level of exposure to the fast growing markets of Latin America, the Middle East and Asia
  • Sound position on free markets – UK and US
  • Good balance in terms of markets, fuel mix and types of contract
  • Proven experience in developing, constructing and operating large-scale energy projects and systems

An expert, varied range of energy services and products

The sphere of activities that Energy International cover includes:

  • electricity generation and transportation
  • steam production and distribution
  • desalinated water production
  • natural gas distribution and transportation
  • LNG import and regasification
  • electricity and natural gas sales and trading
  • energy services for industrial, commercial and institutional customers and distribution companies

The main strengths of the Energy International Business Line

ENGIE relies on its 40 years of international experience to strengthen its leading position in target markets, with strong growth potential. It stands out particularly as a global leader in managing large-scale infrastructure projects, including hydroelectric dams in Brazil, electric power stations and desalination plants in the Middle East.

Presentation of the activities of GDF SUEZ Energy International

This film presents GDF SUEZ Energy International, global leader in independent power generation, which operates in 31 countries and has over 13580 employees around the world in 2013.