A well-established presence in the entire energy services value chain

The illuminations of the city of Chaumont, as part of the public-private partnership between INEO and Chaumont - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIEThe Energy Services business line advises its customers about the design and construction of electricity, nuclear, natural gas and industrial facilities and implements solutions to optimize the energy performance of industrial processes.

The business line has earned global recognition for its management of urban heating and cooling networks, as well as for all the facilities management services it offers, in addition to energy supply. It can thus be found in four main markets:

  • the public tertiary sector (communal housing, public buildings, hospitals, university campuses etc.),
  • the private tertiary sector (offices and business centers, shopping centers, private residences etc.),
  • industry & manufacturing (petroleum, paper, chemicals, electricity generation, steelmaking etc.),
  • infrastructures (the business line carries out installation and maintenance work for electricity and natural gas networks, ports and airports, and public lighting networks.)


Did you know?

The subsidiaries of the ENGIE’s Energie Services business line won numerous major contracts in 2012, including the construction and operation of two “green” data centers in Hamburg and Norderstedten, Germany, as well as the construction and operation of the district cooling network in Yujiapu, the new business district of Tianjin, China.

The Energy Services business line in figures

  • World’s no.1 supplier of energy efficiency and environmental services.
  • A presence in 30 countries
  • 1,300 offices worldwide
  • 180 urban heating and cooling networks operating internationally


Activities of Tecnubel, a branch of ENGIE group : interventions on nuclear components in the Nuclear power plant of Doel (KCD) in Belgium - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIEStrengthening the Group’s position in Europe, growing internationally

No. 1 in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy, Energy Services also holds a strong position in countries such as the United Kingdom, Germany, Spain, Switzerland and Austria; it has a base for further development in countries such as Portugal and Greece, as well as in central Europe.





In pictures

London Olympic Park

Inauguration on October 19th, 2010 of the energy power plant of London Olympic park by Cofely, subsidiary of GDF SUEZ.