ENGIE’s international strategy marks a continuation of what the Group has built over the past 15 years, and is seeking to accelerate as it moves in to the future. The Group’s industrial strategy is supported by investment and innovation.

Become the gold standard energy provider in rapidly growing markets

  • Build upon strong positions in independent energy production

The Group is consolidating its leadership in independent energy production in countries experiencing strong growth, and delivering high capacity facilities, especially in the Middle East and South America. The Group has 15GW worth of projects under construction or in development throughout the world, 90% of which are located in rapidly growing economies.

  • Continuing to develop the gas value chain

“Upstream” from exploration and production activities, and “downstream” from infrastructures, the Group’s projects push back the geographical boundaries of the gas industry. In Mexico, for example, the Group was chosen to build a gas pipeline connecting Texas to industrial areas in Mexico. In Indonesia, the Group will liquefy gas to be made available as part of its Liquefied Natural Gas portfolio.

  • Building the LNG portfolio

The world’s 3rd largest importer of LNG, the Group aims to become a global leader by increasing volume, bolstering its presence upstream, and increasing sales to new markets and segments.

The Group will soon export LNG to the USA thanks to a liquefaction plant in Louisiana, and is currently working on onshore projects in the Cameroon and offshore projects off the Australian coast.

  • International energy services leadership

As the world’s top supplier of energy efficiency services, the Group is making targeted acquisitions in air conditioning networks and forming major energy services partnerships. The Group is making serious efforts to boost its international presence, by entering the Brazilian and Australian markets, for example, and is aiming to double its European energy efficiency sales by 2019.

Leading Europe’s energy transition

In Europe, ENGIE is adapting to the profound changes in the energy sector and focusing more than ever on its customers.

  • Promoting energy efficiency services - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIEPromoting energy efficiency services

The Group wants to become the energy company of choice for domestic and business customers by promoting energy efficiency, simplifying its range of services, and increasing its online presence. ENGIE wants to help to make sustainable cities by working on urban innovation of the future.

  • Developing renewable energies, thermal and electrical, centralized and decentralized - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIEDeveloping renewable energies, thermal and electrical, centralized and decentralized

Renewable energies will continue to form a larger part of ENGIE’s energy mix, with a priority focus on land-based wind farms and solar power. A number of renewable energy projects (offshore wind, biofuels, etc.) are underway in France and Belgium. The Group plans to invest €1bn in renewable energy over the next three years.

  • Create new business and accentuate the digital content of our products - GDF SUEZ is now ENGIECreate new business and accentuate the digital content of our products

ENGIE will enrich its range of energy products by developing new solutions and innovative sales channels aimed at 22m domestic customers. To do so, the Group has created a new “Innovation and New Business” team that will stimulate innovation and seize new opportunities for growth.


Consolidated environmental, corporate, and social objectives for 2015

With its new environmental and social responsibility policy, ENGIE is meeting the challenges of the 21st century by ensuring that it creates shared value for all of its stakeholders.

  • Reduce specific CO2 emissions by 10% by 2020
  • Achieve an employee shareholder rate equal to 3% of the Group’s capital
  • Increase the installed capacity of renewable energies by 50%
  • Implement a biodiversity action plan in all sensitive EU sites
  • Aim for 25% of managers to be women
  • Ensure that more than 2/3 of workforce are in training every year.
  • Bring the accident frequency rate below 4



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“In 2014, ENGIE will accelerate its growth investment policy, already the sector’s most ambitious, towards a clear strategy: to be the leading energy company in rapidly growing economies, and to spearhead the transition to new energies in Europe. It will also be a year for innovation and new business, with the creation of a dedicated team.”