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Non-financial ratings

ENGIE sees sustainable development as contributing to the Group’s ability to create long-term value through the joint development of sustainable business and appropriate management of non-financial risks. Non-financial ratings agencies focus the majority of their audit on how companies manage these risks and possible controversies arising from it. Their CSR performance rating is not only a measure of external recognition, but also provides essential guidance for the process of improving how companies manage these CSR risks.


External assessments and recognition


The non-financial risk management assessments of ENGIE conducted by ratings agencies provide external, independent recognition of the quality of its non-financial processes. They therefore provide additional input to the interactive dialog between the Group and certain stakeholders, such as investors, shareholders, customers, the media and even NGOs.


RSE Performance improvement


Because the non-financial performance of ENGIE is integral to its overall performance, it is regularly assessed by ratings agencies. Since these agencies work on the basis of their own benchmarks, their individual analyses provide different and complementary perspectives of the overall CSR performance of the Group. 


ENGIE incorporates the analytical outcomes of all these ratings into its continual improvement process.


Moody’s ESG (formerly Vigeo Eiris) assessment and Euronext-Vigeo indices


According to the 2021 analysis by Moody's ESG (formerly Vigeo Eiris), ENGIE's CSR performance places the Group in category A1 in 7th place among the 63 companies assessed in the Gas & Electricity sector. The Group's rating is 68/100, up 3 points from the previous rating. 


ENGIE is listed in four indices: Euronext Vigeo World 120, Euronext Vigeo Europe 120, Euronext Vigeo Euro 120, Vigeo France 20. 




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S&P Global assessment and DJSI indices


In November 2021, S&P Global awarded the Group a score of 81/100, which places ENGIE in 3rd place out of 62 companies in the Multi and Water Utilities sector.

ENGIE is part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) World and Europe.



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CDP assessment


Each year, ENGIE responds to the CDP (Carbon Disclosure Project) questionnaire, which questions and ranks the world's largest listed companies on their understanding of the challenges and their performance in terms of the fight against climate change (CDP Climat), water resources (CDP Water) and impact on forests (CDP Forests).

In 2021, the Group obtained an A- grade for the CDP climate and water questionnaires and a B- grade for its first participation in the CDP forest questionnaire. 


CDP Climat rating201920202021
ENGIE ratingAAA-


CDP Water rating201920202021
ENGIE ratingBA-A-


CDP Forests rating201920202021
ENGIE rating--B-


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Sustainalytics assessment


At the end of 2021, ENGIE was assessed in the “Medium risk” category by Sustainalytics.


Sustainalytics rating201920202021
ENGIE rating73/100Medium/High riskMedium risk


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MSCI assessment

In 2021, ENGIE received an A rating.


MSCI rating201920202021


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ECOVADIS assessment


Ecovadis offers companies a platform for conducting Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) assessments of their suppliers. ENGIE completes this questionnaire every year at the request its customers. The rating is calculated on the basis of 21 criteria grouped into the 4 main themes of environment, social, business ethics and responsible purchasing.

In 2021, ENGIE obtained an overall rating of 77/100, placing the Group in the Advanced category.


EcoVadis rating (/ 100)201920202021
ENGIE rating68 7577


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