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Green mobility: strengthening urban logistics

By ENGIE - 02 October 2018 - 09:11

The transport of people or goods is a very energy-intensive sector, and leads to the rejection of a significant amount of greenhouse gas emissions into the atmosphere. France has seen a 30% growth in freight transport since 1990, driven in particular by the development of e-commerce. 90% of transport currently take place by road. Improving urban logistics to make them smarter while encouraging the use of greener fuels would optimize freight transport and reduce emissions.


Improving urban logistics to make them smarter while encouraging the use of greener fuels would optimize journeys and reduce emissions.


Rungis: the first alternative multi-fuel filling station in France

Located in the heart of the international market of Rungis, where 234 hectares of fresh produce awaits collection for processing or sale throughout France and other countries, ENGIE has installed its first public filling station selling Liquefied Natural Gas and Compressed Natural Gas. Accessible 24/7, this facility enables players in the distribution and freight sectors – principally heavy trucks – to develop their logistics models. A fleet of 50 hydrogen-powered Renault Kangoo Z.E. utility vehicles will also re-fuel there. These vehicles are used by ENGIE Cofely technicians to provide multi-technical operations and maintenance work for commercial buildings in the Paris region.

France: Carrefour trucks run on biomethane

Biomethane is produced from organic resources and as such it is a 100% renewable energy source. ENGIE is currently working on developing and promoting this form of energy. In partnership with ENGIE Carrefour has chosen to use biowaste as energy to fuel trucks transporting its goods. Transformed into biomethane, this waste, some of it furnished by Carrefour supermarkets, fuels a fleet of approximately 500 trucks camions re-stocking stores throughout France. In addition, Bio-GNV filling stations close to major highways are open 24/7 throughout France. They are used to power all types of vehicles running on biomethane and to supply refrigerated trucks with liquid nitrogen, a more low-carbon solution for producing cold. ENGIE is offering the green mobility solutions of its subsidiary, GNVERT, to assist Carrefour in reducing the environmental impact of its deliveries.

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