ENGIE s’intéresse à cette énergie d’avenir que sont les gaz renouvelables

Biogaz, biométhane, hydrogène renouvelable… Ces gaz verts seront non seulement indispensables à la transformation des systèmes énergétiques en complément des autres énergies renouvelables par nature intermittente, mais aussi parce qu’ils vont permettre de réaliser cette transition énergétique au cœur des territoires en valorisant la ressource locale et en créant de la valeur et notamment des emplois localement.

At ENGIE, we are convinced that gas is a key component of the energy transition: an essential component of the energy mix that complements renewables and delivers the benefit of low-carbon production. We believe in this energy of the future and the wider issues surrounding the greening of natural gas. Gas is the ultimate transition energy.

ENGIE has a close interest in the potential of renewable gases to be the energy of the future: they include biogas, biomethane and renewable hydrogen. These green gases will be essential for the transformation of energy systems not only because of their suitability for supplementing other, inherently intermittent, renewable energy sources, but also because they will facilitate the energy transition at regional level by developing local resources and creating value, especially through the creation of local jobs.


ENGIE occupies a strong position at every link in the biomethane value chain, from project development in close collaboration with farmers, to end-customer sales. The Group has set itself the ambition of supporting the industrial transformation of the sector and achieving the target set out in the French Energy Transition for Green Growth Law of at least 10% gas consumption being met by green gases delivered through existing infrastructures by 2030. The Group is committed to becoming a key stakeholder in this market, and is already actively investing in developing, building and operating the first anaerobic digestion units in France and the Netherlands, and has many other projects underway around the world.


As a bridge between all energy systems (electrical, gas, liquid, etc.), hydrogen has the potential to span the majority of current energy uses. ENGIE is convinced of this fact, and is investing in the development of renewable hydrogen produced by water electrolysis. The Group has also set up an entity dedicated exclusively to delivering expertise at every key link in the value chain, from the production of green hydrogen through to the potential of hydrogen energy to power transportation, cities and industry, and its ability to store electricity generated from renewable sources.

How can you promote the use of gas in your network?


To favor the production of electricity by gas-fired power stations and to develop the use of green gas contribute to the objective of decarbonisation of the territories.


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